Joy Division Web3 revival: Unheard Ian Curtis vocals to debut in NFT art project

Joy Division Web3 revival: Unheard Ian Curtis vocals to debut in NFT art project

Pace Gallery’s Pace Verso division is announcing an upcoming NFT art project that promises to blend iconic music, influential artwork, and cutting-edge technology. Created in collaboration with Joy Division’s drummer Stephen Morris, album artist Peter Saville, and the official Joy Division Archive, the “CP1919” series is destined to become an unforgettable experience for both music and art aficionados.

‘Unknown Pleasures’ resurrects Ian Curtis

The project leverages the creative talent of Peter Saville, the artist behind Joy Division’s legendary “Unknown Pleasures” album cover.

The new NFT series takes the iconic artwork further into the digital era with animated 3D imagery crafted by Saville himself. The title of the series, “CP1919,” is a nod to the original pulse of the collapsed star that inspired the original album’s mesmerizing cover art.

What makes this venture exceptionally tantalizing for fans is the inclusion of previously unreleased vocal samples from Ian Curtis, Joy Division’s late frontman. The samples will feature in an auditory component of the open edition NFT, “CP1919: Sweeping Sun White 2023,” which will also offer owners a free corresponding t-shirt. Priced at $100 per edition, buyers can opt for crypto or credit card payment methods.

For collectors and connoisseurs

For those who desire something even more exclusive, Pace Verso is auctioning a unique one-of-one NFT, “CP1919: Sweeping Sun Black 2023.” This unique edition will not only feature custom artwork and music but will also be delivered to the winner on a commemorative hard drive encased in a special slipcase. This edition will not be publicly available, making it an invaluable collectible.

Paying tribute to Ian Curtis, who passed away in 1980, a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the NFTs will be donated to the suicide prevention charity CALM. This heartfelt touch makes the project more than just a commercial endeavor, turning it into a meaningful initiative that resonates with the band’s history and fanbase.

The science of sound and art

To further explore the nuances of this ground-breaking project, Pace Gallery has released a filmed interview featuring conversations between Stephen Morris, Peter Saville, and physicist Brian Cox, who is also a fan of Joy Division. The discussion illuminates how the project came together, right down to the use of unique vocal phrases and original pulsar signals.

Joy Division lives on

As the boundaries between art, technology, and music continue to blur, the “CP1919” series sets a new benchmark for future collaborations in the NFT space.

Beyond its artistic and musical appeal, this project stands as a testament to how legacy and innovation can harmoniously coexist in the digital age. Set to release on October 9, the series offers both die-hard fans and new enthusiasts a unique way to connect with a seminal band that left an indelible impact on the world of music.

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