Joining forces: Paris Hilton and RSTLSS shape the future with MareBears

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Joining forces: Paris Hilton and RSTLSS shape the future with MareBears

Web3 company RSTLSS has collaborated with Paris Hilton, Charli Cohen, Ubisoft’s Rabbids, and Gremplin to introduce ‘MareBears’. These digital pocket-sized pets represent a new venture in the digital collectible landscape, suggesting a potential shift in the market.

The vision behind MareBears

Charli Cohen, the brains behind RSTLSS, has collaborated with a roster of high-profile entities to bring to life ‘MareBears’, a revolutionary addition to the collectibles ecosystem.

Technological marvels of the MareBear world

One of the standout features of this collaboration is the technology embedded within the MareBears. Each MareBear comes with 13 trait slots, ensuring maximum customization. Dubbed ‘BearParts’, these traits are interchangeable and can be acquired, swapped, or even crafted by enthusiasts.

Furthermore, MareBears function as ERC-6551 tokens, or what enthusiasts might recognize as ‘backpack wallets’. The BearParts are NFTs based on ERC-6059, also known as ‘nestable tokens’, offering complete customization. But MareBears aren’t just limited to a screen; they transition seamlessly to virtual reality as VRM avatars and can even exist on your mobile device as tamagotchi-like companions.

Perhaps the most intriguing feature is the introduction of Transmutium (T+). A MareBear held in your digital wallet births T+, a valuable crystal. This can be amassed, transferred, or even used to acquire other RSTLSS assets, which can subsequently be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

For the zealous collectors, MareBears have an additional function: they generate more Transmutium when owned by an RSTLSS KEY holder.

The RSTLSS Revolution

RSTLSS serves as a comprehensive platform that brings together brands, artists, and influencers. It offers them an opportunity to design and showcase multiverse fashion in a gamified environment.

With the introduction of MareBears, the platform is expanding its digital collectible offerings. In a bid to ensure the launch’s success, the web3 company is collaborating with the Props team, known for their expertise in product studios, emphasizing the use of emerging technologies.

MareBears and the rise of virtual valuables

The public sale for ‘MareBears’ is now live. Those diving into the RSTLSS universe might find themselves in possession of a MareBear with unique traits reminiscent of Paris Hilton, which includes holographic wings or shimmering DJ headphones.

For those interested in exploring further, a visit to the official website provides more information about these digital offerings.

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