Johnnie Walker to Release a Unique Blue-label Brand Alongside an NFT Collection

Johnnie Walker to Release a Unique Blue-label Brand Alongside an NFT Collection

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label brand and NFTs are being made available by premium whiskey company Johnnie Walker in collaboration with BlockBar, 88rising, and Vayner3. 250 NFTs featuring artwork by Vandy the Pink will also be part of the limited edition collection.

Johnnie Walker Joins the NFT Bandwagon

Whiskey Manufacturer Johnnie Walker has become the latest corporation to join the crypto space via NFTs. It has released a blue-label brand alongside an NFT collection via the help of Blockbar, Vayner3, and 88rising.

On November 22, Blockbar will start selling the limited-edition VANDYTHEPINK x JOHNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL NFT collection. Holders of Blockbar’s Johnnie Walker tokens, Johnnie Walker POAP holders, and a few members of the Web3 community will get early access starting on November 21.

The $355 Blue Label Whiskey will also be exclusively available to legal drinkers. After purchasing the bottle of whiskey, the new owner will obtain an NFT, which serves as ownership verification. Until the new owner is prepared to burn the NFT to receive the physical item, BlockBar will keep the bottle.

Johnnie Walker NFT Holders to Acquire BlockBar Voting Rights

The new Johnnie Walker NFT endeavor brings a new art experience for whiskey users. Now, new holders can participate in a “token-gated voting experience” thanks to BlockBar and Vayner3’s partnership.

The NFT holders will have the clearance to choose the artwork that will appear on the actual bottle they will receive. To be clear, holders can select five designs by Wendy the Pink. Plans like Balanced Fish, Bold Dragon, Mature Flowers, and Harmonious Clouds are included in it. This is significant since it marks the debut of Vandy the Pink’s artwork in the NFT realm.

Additionally, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label NFT will be updated when the voting results are announced after December 1. The bottle’s most famous design will be used as the Vandy and the Pink x Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottles’ official design. In addition, every owner of an NFT who burns it will get a special Blue Label bottle.

The services don’t stop there! Holders of Johnnie Walker NFT will also have VIP access to V at SCOPE on December 1 at Art Basel. They will also meet Vandy the Pink and get original art that the artist has autographed. Eventually, holders will be able to sample a Blue Label specialty cocktail.

Jungoon Wendy Son, also known as Wendy the Pink, has spoken regarding the partnership saying:

“I was inspired by the intricate harmonies and depth of character and wanted my artwork to express the balance within the bottle, while also representing the communities Johnnie Walker and 88Rising bring together.”

More on Wyner3, 88Rising, and Vandythepink

Junghoon Vandy Son, the founder of VANDYTHEPINK, established himself in 2017 through his distinctive customizing, which finally led to the launch of a clothing line with his take on streetwear. VANDYTHEPINK, which means “light and hope,” wants to inspire joy and amusement through his artwork.

Record label, video production, and marketing firm 88Rising is based in the United States. His creation of a platform for Asian artists transcends cultural barriers. On the other hand, Vayner3 is a consultancy solely dedicated to assisting the world’s top businesses and intellectual property owners to navigate the cutting-edge and constantly changing Web3 industry. These entities have a credible track in the crypto space which could explain why Johnnie Walker singled them out.

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