InterContinental Announces Launch of NFT Collection with Luxury Travel Rewards

InterContinental Announces Launch of NFT Collection with Luxury Travel Rewards

Celebrities, online banks, fashion houses, transport companies are all profiles that have turned to the opportunities offered by NFTs. It is now the turn of InterContinental, a leading luxury hotel, to embrace this extraordinary sector. Recently, the brand announced the launch of an NFT collection with premium travel rewards. What do you need to know about this new project from InterContinental?

Collaboration With a Renowned Artist to Promote Unique Services

InterContinental is a world-renowned luxury hotel brand. For the development of its products, the brand has initiated a collaboration with one of the best British artists in the world, Claire Luxton. This Partnership aims to embrace blockchain technology by launching 10 exclusive NFTs.

Best of all, this collaboration will enable the creation of personalized luxury digital collectibles aimed at celebrating the brand’s heritage and travels. The NFTs generated will unlock exclusive travel benefits for all members. 

NFTs With Designs to Stand Out From the Crowd

InterContinental has initiated a number of projects to set itself apart from the competition. All NFTs offered will feature unique designs for the InterContinental hotel brand. The designs will use the signature aesthetic of Luxton’s natural flora and fauna. The physical works created are valued between €3,000 and €5,000 per print. 

Note that the brand’s NFTs celebrate InterContinental’s first hotel in Brazil, represented by the blue and yellow macaw. They also celebrate the InterContinental Resort Mauritius, represented by the panther chameleon. With these innovations, the brand is determined to establish itself in this sector with exclusive products. 

What Are the Benefits Behind these NFTs?

With the rise of blockchain technology, many brands have started to experiment with combining web3 with their reward programs. Analysis shows that the luxury segment will likely meet those who can afford the most expensive NFTs. By providing offers to high-income members and the brand’s existing loyalty program, InterContinental will be able to achieve a nice conversion in its industry.

But it is important to note that the luxury hotel brand will not be the only player to benefit, as behind each NFT product there are significant benefits. For example, owning one of the 10 NFTs offers members hotel benefits including a one-night stay at the new InterContinental Rome Ambasciatori Palace, which will open in 2023. Similarly, one of the 10 NFTs will confer InterContinental ambassador status for one year. 

This opens the door to exclusive benefits under the newly redesigned IHG One Rewards program. However, it is essential to know that 5 of the brand’s NFTs will first be made available exclusively to IHG One Rewards members. This will be achieved through an auction process via the IHG One Rewards auction platform, the availability of which has already been announced and is effective until 9 December. 

Is InterContinental Alone in Embracing this Sector?

InterContinental has certainly hit the ground running by offering NFTs with exclusive benefits. But it is not the first hotel brand to include NFTs in its loyalty program. Just last year, Marriott International’s Marriott Bonvoy teamed up with 3 digital artists, including TXREK, JVY, and Erick Nicolay. The aim of this collaboration was to launch a collection of NFTs also to offer a loyalty program.

There were also many brands that made news in 2021. These other luxury brands that are tapping into high-end customers to offer digital collectibles are: 

  • LVMH-owned cognac brand Hennessy, which recently launched a luxury social club on the web3 offering NFTs, the release of which made headlines.
  • Luxury car brand Bentley Motors has launched NFTs, giving its eyes to the Grand Tourer, the fastest vehicle and number of R-Type Continentals produced in 1952. 
  • Luxury fashion company Prada has added NFTs to its monthly Time Capsule Collection event.

The NFT sector is quite competitive, especially with the growing demand. InterContinental must be resourceful to gain a foothold in this luxury market.

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