Instead of NFTs, Magic Eden posts images from The Big Bang Theory and adult content

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Instead of NFTs, Magic Eden posts images from The Big Bang Theory and adult content

On Tuesday, Magic Eden posted sexual videos and images from the hit sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. Solana’s largest non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace featured this content instead of users’ NFTs. After this torrent of pornographic images stormed its site on 3 January, Magic Eden, the non-fungible token (NFT) exchange, had to reassure its consumers that their NFTs were completely safe.

Third-party involved in adult content posted on Magic Eden

On 3 January, Magic Eden users complained that the NFT thumbnail could sometimes be briefly replaced by a sexual image when loading a collection page. Others claimed to have seen a still image from the TV show The Big Bang Theory instead.

This is only the second incident in the last day, as Magic Eden has been targeted by a hacker recently. The bad actor managed to publish unverified NFTs, wreaking havoc among NFT collectors and investors.

Following a large number of tweets from fans about the indecent images, Magic Eden provided an explanation. According to the Magic Eden team, the platform has not been compromised, and all non-exchangeable tokens remain secure. The organization that hosted the damaged photos on the site is believed to be behind the problem.

Although everything is back to normal, some Magic Eden users are expressing their dissatisfaction. They claim that the platform chose the wrong host. The latter would not be secure enough to support NFT photos and make them available on the site.

A problem quickly solved by Magic Eden’s technical team

Not wanting the rumor to spread further, the company quickly found a solution to solve the problem. To this end, Magic Eden has informed users that a full browser refresh can resolve the issue. To do this, on a Windows computer, simply press the Ctrl, Shift, and R keys simultaneously. On an Apple device, simply press command + shift + R to refresh the hardware. A hardware refresh allows the browser to reload the most recent version of the page and clear the cache.

A Magic Eden employee says the problem was located and fixed within an hour. Customers were reportedly told to reset their browsers if they received abnormal images. However, Magic Eden has refused to disclose the name of the external image provider for security reasons.

Apart from this news, Magic Eden has made progress in its operation. Recently, it has increased the connectivity of the Polygon network in order to enable multi-channel capability and future blockchain gaming opportunities. In addition, a rewards program that allows users to earn prizes, discounts, and other benefits based on their behavior on the platform has been introduced. The marketplace has also appointed its first director of gaming.

NFTs remain affected by the cryptocurrency market downturn

According to data from CryptoSlam, the NFT market has been heavily impacted by the wider cryptocurrency market downturn. Monthly sales fell by more than 90% in December from a record US$4.9 billion in January. This drop is believed to be the result of the uncertainty that still surrounds the cryptocurrency universe.

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