Injective NFT ecosystem booming after ProtocolTalis goes live

Injective NFT ecosystem booming after ProtocolTalis goes live

In the realm of digital assets and high-speed Layer 1 blockchain, a groundbreaking chapter commenced on June 17. The Injective Protocol, esteemed for its trailblazing ventures in decentralized finance (DeFi), broadened its horizons by introducing its first-ever NFT marketplace, ProtocolTalis.

The Unique Flair of ProtocolTalis

ProtocolTalis is setting itself apart by fusing the might of Injective’s technology with its unique features. Leveraging Injective’s high-speed transaction infrastructure, the NFT marketplace also ensures true decentralization and cross-chain compatibility. A distinct focus on community involvement means users get to shape the marketplace’s future actively.

Unveiling Zen NFT: The Pioneer Collection on Injective

Talis Protocol marked its first foray into the Injective ecosystem by powering the inaugural NFT on Injective – the Zen NFT collection. Launched in partnership with Injective Labs, this exclusive collection signifies a crucial stride toward public release. Early adopters and Ninja Pass holders savored the chance to claim these limited-edition tokens.

The Zen NFT collection serves as a celebratory token of the NFT launch on Injective. It not only provides exclusivity but also acts as a Proof of Participation (POAP) to the first-ever mint on Injective. What’s more, NFT holders can mint up to a hundred copies of their unique Zen NFTs.

Presenting The Ninjas: A Premier Collection

The Injective NFT marketplace also proudly hosts The Ninjas collection. Brought to life by Premier Ninja, this collection comprises 5554 NFTs owned by 619 unique holders. With a record-breaking high price of 1,000 INJ and a notable 7-day trading volume of 7,207.49 INJ, The Ninjas collection has created quite a stir in the NFT space.

Twitter users @PremierNinjas and @iryna_everstake lauded the performance of the collection, highlighting the surge in the floor price to 10 $INJ mere days after minting and the blossoming of Injective’s NFT ecosystem.

With this blend of bullish optimism and anticipation, the future of NFTs on the Injective blockchain promises to be an intriguing ride.

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