Immutable partners with Polygon to form zkEVM Ethereum Web3 gaming network

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Immutable partners with Polygon to form zkEVM Ethereum Web3 gaming network

Popular Web3 gaming platform Immutable has forged a working alliance with Polygon network, giving rise to new Immutable zkEVM to advance on modes of onboarding additional developers and gamers into the Web3 platform.

Unity of purpose by Ethereum giants

The two foremost companies in the Ethereum scaling universe, Immutable and Polygon, have proclaimed establishing a working relationship to form a new network engaged in Web3 gaming.

The Immutable zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM) network based on the soon-to-be-unveiled Polygon zkEVM technology will advance the nature of Web3 gaming. The advancement is set to fast-track innovation and implementation of the upcoming crypto gaming platform.

The partnership became public knowledge when Robbie Ferguson, Immutable President and co-founder, addressed congregants during an annual Game Developer Conference on March 20.

According to Ryan Wyatt, Polygon Labsโ€™ president, the partnership between the two giants is strategic toward web3โ€™s future operations.

The arrangement between the two companies is not a merger since both will continue with their independent projects. Polygon is set to inaugurate its zkEVM mainnet in beta on March 27. On the other hand, Immutable X will unveil a scaling network founded on ZK-Rollup tech.

Robbie Ferguson, the President and co-founder of Immutable, proclaimed that the move was obvious as it enables the two networks to pool their exertions towards advancing the Web3 gaming environment.

The partnership portrays the endgame needed in the Web3 gaming environment. โ€œIt provides a solution to onboarding billions of users into Web3,โ€ said Ferguson.

Benefits of the partnership

Ethereum blockchain is characterized by high traffic levels, leading to congestion and additional costs. However, the corporation would enable Immutable to introduce zkEVM on the Polygon network. The availability of Polygon zkEVM tech will reduce transaction costs without Immutable disposing of Layer-1 Ethereum compatibility.

The advancements will lead to the creation of faster and easier games. Gaming studios lacking Immutable can integrate games without building an alternative blockchain. The move also aims at guaranteeing autonomous developers access to Web3 gaming.

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