Immutable and Polygon Labs unveil groundbreaking scaling solution for Web3 game developers

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Immutable and Polygon Labs unveil groundbreaking scaling solution for Web3 game developers

Web3 gaming studios gear up for the future of blockchain games with a new solution for AAA games development on top of blockchain technology

A paradigm shift in web3 gaming

Web3 gaming has experienced significant growth in recent years, and a major breakthrough is set to redefine its landscape. Two giants in the industry, the web3 gaming platform Immutable and Polygon Labs, have partnered to usher in this change.

Together, they announced the commencement of public testing for the Immutable zkEVM, a next-generation solution tailored specifically for web3 game developers. This development promises low cost, enormous scale, top-notch security, and compatibility with Ethereum’s much-vaunted smart contracts.

Alex Connolly, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Immutable, expressed his enthusiasm about the venture, stating, “This chain, combined with our suite of platform products, is the first end-to-end EVM solution dedicated exclusively to making games successful.”

Immutable and Polygon Labs Unveil Groundbreaking Scaling Solution for Web3 Game Developers

Immutable’s impressive legacy

The brand, launched in 2018 by James Ferguson, Robbie Ferguson, and Connolly, isn’t a new name in the world of web3 gaming. Hailing from Sydney and backed by an elite team of over 260 technologists, the platform has already carved its niche. Back in 2018, the company gathered interest from some of the top players in the crypto funding industry, boasting investors BITKRAFT Ventures, King River Capital, AirTree, Temasek, and Coinbase, among others.

Their record of innovation is notable. They were among the pioneers to introduce a zero-knowledge (zk) scaling solution to the Ethereum community. The development of products such as Immutable X and the new zkEVM, backed by Polygon, have further established their position as a web3 gaming avant-garde player.

Connolly hints at a promising future, observing a “massive influx” from games, players, and partners. This influx, he believes, will set Immutable’s ecosystem apart in the forthcoming era of web3 gaming.

What’s in it for game developers?

The introduction of Immutable zkEVM Testnet unlocks a new realm of possibilities for developers. They can now leverage a comprehensive suite of Immutable tools and solutions, including APIs, SDKs, Passport, Checkout, and Orderbook, all while retaining full EVM compatibility. These tools are designed to streamline user onboarding and purchase experiences, ensuring a seamless journey and generating substantial liquidity for game assets.

Furthermore, the deployment of smart contracts on the zkEVM Testnet provides developers with invaluable resources such as a native Layer-2 faucet for Test-IMX, Spolia deposit and withdrawal bridges, and an integrated block explorer. Soon, the Immutable Relayer will also be available, offering currency abstraction and gas sponsorship.

While Immutable’s zkEVM project is touted as the ‘Holy Grail of Ethereum scaling,’ it remains largely untested in the web3 gaming realm, so its ability to live up to that title is still a matter of speculation

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