Illuvium unveils date for Illuvitar Wave 2 NFT launch

Illuvium unveils date for Illuvitar Wave 2 NFT launch

Popular blockchain game Illuvium has just unveiled its much-awaited Illuvitar Wave 2 Sale. Scheduled for a grand kickoff on August 15th, the event is bound to excite players, offering them a chance to snag rare creatures (Illuvitars) and boost their in-game collections.

Second Wave Sale

This second wave brings more to the table than just nostalgia. With 25 characters up for grabs, both the seasoned Illuvium veterans and the novices have a lot to look forward to. The company hints that this is not just about adding to one’s collection. It’s about climbing leaderboards and unlocking exclusives that could redefine one’s gameplay.

According to Illuvium, the methodology they’re applying to Wave 2 doesn’t deviate significantly from the first wave. However, there’s a twist. The Illuvitar Wave 2 Sale will split into two sections: the Alpha Sale, followed closely by the Extended Run Sale. Each phase provides enthusiasts with a unique avenue to collect these coveted virtual assets.

For those marking their calendars, the sale officially starts at 22:00 UTC on August 15th. Shortly after, the Extended Run Sale begins at 22:00 UTC on August 16th, wrapping up on November 15th at the same time.

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Wave 2 Odds (Source: Illuvium blog)

As for logistics, the Illuvitar Wave 2 Sale is set to take place on the IlluviDex platform. Potential buyers should be prepared. This requires them to link their IMX wallets to the platform and ensure that their Layer 2 wallets are adequately funded, ready for the big event.

Getting to Know Illuvium

Illuvium encompasses a series of role-playing (RPG) and collection games, all nestled within a sprawling and visually captivating universe. Players here are not limited to just exploring, as they can hunt menacing Illuvitars, capture them, and then either battle or trade.

Stakers of the $ILV token have significant sway in this ecosystem. They can cast votes affecting game mechanics and tokenomics. On top of that, they enjoy regular shares of the game’s revenue.

Another notable feature is the game’s interoperability. Assets owned in one game can seamlessly be used across the Illuvium series, making the gaming experience more expansive and interconnected. This means any NFT from the second wave sale will have in-game utility across all the games and experiences Illuvium has to offer.

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