Illuvium launches ‘Beyond’ collectible card game

Illuvium launches ‘Beyond’ collectible card game

Illuvium, one of the most prestigious web3 gaming projects, has revealed the latest addition to the Illuvium series, Illuvium: Beyond. This collectible card game allows players to gather NFTs of various characters from the Illuvium universe and engage in point-scoring competitions by fulfilling objectives.

Proceeds will go to the DAO treasury

Players can now access Illuvium: Beyond on ImmutableX and engage in collecting NFTs, completing objectives, and earning points.

Due to the daunting challenges faced by the GameFi market amidst the brutal 2022 bear trend, Illuvium has opted to funnel all earnings garnered from Beyond into a designated $15M ‘Safety Pool.’ This resource will serve as a precautionary measure to minimize the potential risks associated with macroeconomic instability by offering a distinctive source of funding to sustain DAO operations.

Keiran Warwick, Illuvium’s co-founder, said the Safety Pool will allow the company to fund game development using revenue. He added that the pool will safeguard against a bear market and provide additional resources to expand the Illuvium gaming universe:

“Rather than perform a capital raise under suboptimal market conditions, we have directed some revenues that usually go back to stakers to the treasury,”

Planning for the bear market

During the 2021 GameFi frenzy, Illuvium’s ILV token was highly sought-after, reaching an all-time peak of over $1,800 on November 30th, 2021. However, the success was fleeting, and the token experienced a sharp decline to below triple-digit figures in early January 2022 and subsequently dropped below $100 last July. As of November, ILV traded at $80, signifying a decrease of 95.6%.

Warwick mentioned that in response to the bear trend, Illuvium has downsized by 30%, but the team remains focused on building the initial vision. He also noted that a dedicated team worked on the development of Beyond for 18 months, with NFTs hand-drawn by experienced artists from major game companies such as Blizzard, Magic The Gathering, and Sega.

How to play and earn on Beyond?

By completing certain objectives in Beyond, players will earn in-game cosmetics that can be utilized in the Illuvium universe. Zero, Illuvium’s initial mobile game in alpha, was released in January and is exclusively available to investors who hold Illuvium’s digital land plots. Players can develop and run their own digital industrial complexes on the land, including the ability to extract in-game fuel, which can be sold along with other NFTs.

The Illuvium series comprises several games, including the newly launched Beyond, an RPG named Overworld, and an auto-battler called Arena. These games are available on ImmutableX, which is an Ethereum Layer 2 created for web3 gaming that offers NFT minting free of gas charges. ImmutableX also provides a platform for various other web3 gaming titles, such as Guild of Guardians, Gods Unchained, and Ember Sword.

With a total value locked of $127m, ImmutableX has secured the fifth spot on the list of largest Ethereum Layer 2s. The launch of Illuvium: Beyond is anticipated to attract more players to the platform, thanks to its distinct gameplay. The game has been launched with the assistance of numerous blockchain firms, such as Animoca Brands, Alameda Research, and Sino Global Capital.

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