Illuvium announces Epic Games Store launch on Nov 28

Illuvium announces Epic Games Store launch on Nov 28

Illuvium is poised to captivate millions as it secures a spot on the Epic Games Store. Known for hosting behemoths like Fortnite, the Epic Games Store will introduce Illuvium to a vast audience of PC and mobile gamers starting November 28.

Aligning with Epic Games’ standards

Developed by Illuvium Labs, Illuvium has undergone meticulous revisions to align with the legal and compatibility standards of the Epic Games Store. Kieran Warwick, co-founder of Illuvium, shared the rigorous journey toward adapting their game for broader appeal:

“The result of these efforts has not only earned Illuvium a place on a leading gaming platform but has also evolved our product,”

Illuvium Beta presents a trio of games

Illuvium announces Epic Games Store launch on Nov 28 - 1
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Leveraging Unreal Engine 5 and the Immutable X network, the game’s beta will present players with a trio of game genres within its universe. It combines Overworld, an exploration game that nods to timeless classics, with Arena, a strategy-based auto battler, and Zero, a city-builder available on both mobile and desktop platforms. Warwick’s strategy to weave separate genres and modes is a deliberate attempt to magnetize a diverse gaming demographic.

Warwick acknowledges the painstaking process of developing multiple genres, emphasizing the potential payoff:

“By launching three different games in three different genres, we have significantly increased our addressable market. The only issue is it has taken much longer to get to this point,”

Breaking down entry barriers

One major stride Illuvium has taken is dismantling the entry barriers that often dissuade traditional gamers from engaging with blockchain-based games. Warwick highlights the elimination of prerequisites such as wallets and the implementation of a free-to-play model:

“We think this is the only way to get mainstream adoption,” he asserts, addressing the challenge head-on.

Reluctance to join Web3 gaming

Mainstream publishers have hesitated to integrate Web3 infrastructures into their games. This reluctance stems from fears of undermining tried-and-true business models. Warwick resonates with these concerns, pointing out that issues of game integrity and regulatory ambiguity surrounding NFTs create a complex landscape for blockchain games.

Concerns also loom over the volatility of crypto markets and the associated risks of fraud. These factors present considerable obstacles to mainstream adoption. However, all those factors haven’t stopped mainstream studios, like Square Enix, Konami, and Atari, from dipping their toes into blockchain gaming.

Significant milestone

Warwick heralds the listing on the Epic Games Store as a significant milestone, placing his game alongside top-tier games and cementing its status within the industry. Illuvium’s epic venture is not just a game-changer for its creators but a beacon for the future of blockchain gaming at large.

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