Idexo announces its OpenAI that can mint NFTs via forms from Google, Hubspot and Shopify

Idexo announces its OpenAI that can mint NFTs via forms from Google, Hubspot and Shopify

Creating an NFT using a simple web form via a prompt is now possible with the Idexo-Zapier integration. On January 30, Idexo announced a new OpenAI integration that will enable users to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using a web form. This has been made possible through the platform’s existing integration with Zapier and supports NFT creation on any web format from Google, Shopify, and Hubspot.

Generating NFTs while filling forms

At the time of reporting, the company has already illustrated the NFT-creating ability of the system on these form-generating platforms. Idexo said that the system would help users to unlock more use cases for their customers at any stage of their interaction and meet the growing demand for NFT creation among users.

While illustrating how companies can use the integration, Idexo said that a use case could be rewarding customers of a business with NFTs for filling in forms or any other activity the customers undertake on the website of the business owners.

The statement from the company said that NFTs could serve as lead magnets in the promotion of products and services by any business. What makes the system interesting is that the customer can generate their own NFTs when filling out the form or signing up for a service. The company can use its discretion to determine the stage of customer interaction when the customer can generate and be rewarded with an NFT.

Greg Marlin, the CEO/CTO of Idexo, said that the technology is a game changer for marketers and businesses wishing to boost conversion:

“We are excited to release this game-changing technology for marketers and any else who wants to increase the conversion rates on their lead and order forms,”

He emphasized that AI and NFTs will play an important role in marketing in 2023, adding that what Idexo has done makes it easy for companies to start off their marketing drives and see results quickly and easily.

In use for the upcoming word of Blood Launch

The system is being used in the whitelist of the upcoming NFT sale of Sword of Blood scheduled for February 1. The Hubspot form enables users to create NFTs while signing up for the whitelist. The company is using the NFT launch to show potential customers how the OpenAI form-generated NFT can be put to use.

The statement from Idexo said that the prompts for the generation of the NFTs could be embedded in the usual text area in any form. As explained earlier, the prompts from Zapier integration presently have been shown to support NFT minting on forms from Google, Shopify, and Hubspot with the potential to be accommodated in any other platform.

The tokens generated can be viewed at the Idexo community gating area or any web platform developed using the Web3 management software from Idexo.

A variety of triggers for the OpenAI

The form minting feature of the OpenAI can be worked for hand in glove with pre-minting enabling the company to create different workflows. Users can use different transaction triggers to initiate what they want the OpenAI to accomplish, whether to pre-mint while the customer is creating orders or immediately after the lead was generated. It can also be made to mint in a way that a second user can claim the minted NFT in a subsequent step.

The Idexo OpenAI form NFT minting system supports a variety of online tools from Zapier. The blockchains supported include Polygon, Arbitrum, BNBChain, Ethereum, Fantom, OKC, and Avalanche. 

The company said that prospective users could see how it works by joining the Sword of Blood NFT Lootbox. They can gain access to the whitelist if they’re deemed to have qualified. They can also access the service by signing up at Idexo where they can access a how-to video that walks them through setting up the forms with the smart contracts that power them.


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