Hurley rides the digital wave with NFTs and the new Super Surfer game

Hurley rides the digital wave with NFTs and the new Super Surfer game

Hurley, the iconic action sports brand with deep roots in the surf culture, is taking a bold leap into the digital ocean. Their newest venture is The Hurley Super Surfer Game and the expansive Hurleyverse, aiming to bridge the gap between surfing and the world of blockchain technology.

Dive into the Hurleyverse

Launching on August 30, Hurley isn’t just unveiling a game but introducing an entire universe. Those eager to elevate their gameplay can score Hurley’s NFT digital collectible players, surf-ready sloths modeled after legendary athletes of the sport. 

Up for grabs on Jump.Trade, these sloth surfer avatars aren’t just collectibles; they come with performance perks and exclusive Hurley gear. Furthermore, acquiring one of these avatars grants owners a possibility of winning a Hurley hoodie.

A fusion of real and virtual worlds

Ralph Gindi, the Chief Operating Officer of Bluestar Alliance, paints a vivid picture:

“Hurley stands at the epicenter of action, always striving to engage fans innovatively. Our vision was to provide a dynamic playground that straddles the tangible and virtual realms.”

True to Gindi’s words, from August 1, the pre-booking for Hurley NFTs will be open, offering enthusiasts a chance to be among the first to snag these digital treasures. Come August 30, whether you’re an NFT holder or just a fan, you can dive into the Hurley Super Surfer game, available on Google Play and the App Store. 

Players can navigate the seas, dodge menacing sea creatures, and collect Hurley Sand Dollars while riding waves tailored for every skill level. Those holding onto the NFTs can gear up for an updated gaming experience set to roll out on September 29.

A glimpse into the brand’s evolution

Originating from the shores of Huntington Beach in 1999, Hurley’s ethos has always been about giving voice to the next generation. With a legacy built on inclusivity, Hurley has collaborated with a spectrum of talent – from ace surfers and snowboarders to groundbreaking musicians and artists. 

Their digital endeavors, including the Hurleyverse, are a testament to their commitment to innovation and staying ahead of the curve, as well as further proving that digital expansion is becoming a must-have for all kinds of brands.

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