Huobi launches users beyond the moon

Huobi launches users beyond the moon

Huobi, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has recently unveiled its grand plan to explore the universe – the Huobi Mars Program. Huobi’s endeavor aims to go where no other crypto platform has ever dared before by taking its users on an extraterrestrial journey.

Huobi is taking users on a space expedition

“Huobi’s aspirations are to reach out far into the universe,” said Justin Sun, founder of TRON and a member of the Huobi Advisory Board. He further stated that Huobi would pioneer the Web3 field’s venture into space. The mission reaffirms Huobi’s commitment to innovation and exploration, backed by its considerable financial prowess.

Phase I of the Huobi Mars Program runs from June 2023 to June 2024 and consists of 12 rounds. Each round will host a themed activity for participants to complete specific tasks and mint space-themed Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NFTs are unique digital assets stored on a blockchain, acting as proof of ownership over digital content. They have increasingly gained attention for their use in verifying ownership of digital artwork.

One lucky participant from each round will be rewarded and shortlisted as a candidate for the space trip. Phase II will assess these 12 candidates on their physical fitness, training, preparation, and community contribution to determine the final passenger for a once-in-a-lifetime space expedition with Justin Sun.

The release of this program aims to compete on the differentiative offering that some of the main exchanges are providing to their users. Following OKx expeditions within the sports ecosystem, Huobi is now providing yet another solution for long-term user retention.

A curious use case for NFTs

This immersive program not only promotes active user engagement but also stands as a significant use case for NFTs in the world of cryptocurrency. Participants can earn the opportunity to mint a space NFT for each completed task, with no limit set. These NFTs will be issued on the TRON Network, enabling their trade on various NFT platforms.

The first round commences at 12:00 (UTC) on June 14 and will run until 15:59 (UTC) on July 5, 2023. Participants will need to fulfill a series of Huobi platform activities, including spot trading, P2P transactions, futures trading, and Huobi Earn transactions, to win the space NFT rewards.

The selected user each month will not only be shortlisted for the coveted space passenger slot but will also enjoy a 180-day exemption from spot trading fees on Huobi, enhancing the attractiveness of the program.

In a move reminiscent of ancient astronomers using the stars to map their calendars, Huobi looks to harness the power of NFTs to make the seemingly unattainable dream of space exploration a reality for its users. The space flight, set to launch after July 2024, will be broadcast worldwide via live stream, offering unparalleled visibility and excitement for the crypto community.

Huobi’s Mars Plan

Huobi’s Mars Program, following in the footsteps of SpaceX’s groundbreaking efforts, contributes to the burgeoning field of commercial spaceflight. It is a bold attempt to bridge the realms of blockchain and space, showcasing the limitless possibilities that the integration of technology and human curiosity can offer.

It seems the phrase “the sky is the limit” no longer applies in the world of crypto. With Huobi leading the charge, the realm of space might be the next frontier for the blockchain industry.

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