Huobi exchange partners with Gala Games for Web3 ecosystem development

Huobi exchange partners with Gala Games for Web3 ecosystem development

Huobi, one of the largest trading platforms for virtual assets, has revealed a significant partnership with Gala Games.

Vital partnership for web3 gaming

The collaboration between the two companies will entail joint efforts in multiple areas, including investment and listing of leading projects within the Gala ecosystem, ecosystem establishment, co-branding, project development, and community building.

On the Ethereum blockchain, Gala Games provides a diverse range of play-to-earn crypto and non-fungible token (NFT) games within its ecosystem. Notably, the platform’s distinguishing attribute is the capability for game developers to design games that are genuinely owned by the players themselves.

Additionally, Gala Games has teamed up with a variety of entertainment and music industry partners, such as DreamWorks, AMC, NBCU, acclaimed game developers Peter Molyneux and Will Wright, and prominent musicians such as Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Kings of Leon, and BT, all under the Gala brand umbrella.

Huobi wants a larger piece of the blockchain gaming niche

By leveraging advanced technology, robust infrastructure, and robust ecosystem support, Huobi strives to establish a Web3 gateway with worldwide reach. Incorporating the Gala Layer-1 blockchain will enhance the underlying on-chain technology, which, in turn, will enable projects developed within the Gala ecosystem, including GameFi and NFT projects, to have a framework to implement the appropriate Web3 infrastructure.

Moreover, top-notch, innovative projects within the Gala Games ecosystem will be evaluated for investment and listing opportunities.

The President of Blockchain at Gala Games, Jason “BitBender” Brink, emphasized the importance of the partnership, citing the criticality of integrating their Layer-1 blockchain into prominent exchanges such as Huobi to achieve the desired mass adoption. This collaboration will empower upcoming developers to create a more dependable and secure future for Web3.

Since its inception in 2013 as a crypto exchange, Huobi has transformed into an all-encompassing blockchain business ecosystem that encompasses digital asset trading, financial derivatives, wallets, research, investment, incubation, and numerous other areas. With a presence spanning over 160 countries and regions across five continents, Huobi caters to millions of users worldwide.

The collaboration is set to benefit the Gala Games ecosystem, enabling developers to design more stable and secure games while also making the ecosystem more accessible to a more extensive range of users.

By incorporating Gala Games’ Layer-1 blockchain into Huobi, users will gain entry into a diverse ecosystem of play-to-earn crypto and NFT games across various genres. This collaboration is poised to enhance the underlying on-chain technology and expedite the progression of the Web3 ecosystem.

The partnership between Huobi and Gala Games is pivotal, as it will foster innovation and collaboration within the Web3 ecosystem. By working together, developers will have the opportunity to design more innovative and superior-quality games, ultimately benefiting users.

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