Hot Wheels unveils NFT Garage Series 6; Spotlight on the iconic Jeep and Dodge models

Hot Wheels unveils NFT Garage Series 6; Spotlight on the iconic Jeep and Dodge models

Hot Wheels fans, brace yourselves. The beloved toy car brand is gearing up to launch its NFT Garage Series 6 today.

Porsche, Jeep, and Dodge NFTs

The latest series is scheduled to drop in 2 hours. It promises a staggering assortment of 60 fresh models from renowned manufacturers such as Dodge and JeepĀ®.

Series 6 is set to be a game-changer, boasting four brand-new Premium Physical Diecast models, a unique Treasure Hunt (NFTH) edition, and the riveting Zamac Porsche 935-78 running die-cast car.

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Each NFT is categorized into one of five rarities: Base, Rare, Premium, NFTH, and Showroom. A tantalizing perk for collectors: those fortunate enough to snag Premium or NFTH rarities can exchange them for tangible Hot Wheels models via a special “redemption token.”

However, what’s generating palpable buzz is the unveiling of Premium Packs. These limited packs guarantee a rush for collectors, ensuring either a Premium or a Zamac die-cast car within.

Pack details and pricing

The Standard Packs, priced at a modest $25.00, remain a pivotal part of the NFT collection. It’s the only chance for collectors to secure the sought-after NFTH die-cast car containing seven virtual collectibles.

Hardcore fans can get the Premium Packs, retailing at $80.00, to get the premium models. With odds of 55.56% to snag the illustrious ZAMAC Porsche 917KH, these packs represent a golden ticket for fans. And for those with an eye on the prize, the Premium Packs are the gateway to the NFTH edition of the iconic JeepĀ® Wagoneer.

Mopar enthusiasts are in for a treat with Series 6. The lineup stars the Jeep Wagoneer, followed closely by rarities like the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Even the vintage 1980 Dodge Macho Power Wagon has earned its place in this series.

Hot Wheels racing through Web3

Since its inception in 2022, the NFT Garage has allowed enthusiasts to snag NFTs of their favorite Hot Wheels models. Previous collections included renowned car brands such as Aston Martin, Honda, and McLaren. A special collection themed after the Fast and Furious franchise also attracted the attention of fans.

To join the NFT revolution and potentially snag one of these coveted cars, enthusiasts are directed to the Mattel Creations website and Discord channel. As the clock ticks down to launch, the anticipation is undeniable.

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