Hennessy unveils Web3 bottle in collaboration with Café 11

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Hennessy unveils Web3 bottle in collaboration with Café 11

Hennessy has introduced a limited-edition V.S.O.P NFT bottle, minted on BlockBar. This venture, emerging from their partnership with Café 11, symbolizes a unique fusion of Hennessy’s storied legacy with the dynamic world of Web3.

Café 11: Hennessy’s Web3 foray

Launched on October 31, 2022, Café 11 expands the concept of a members’ club, incorporating elements of digital interaction. This initiative, inspired by the artistic ambiance of 1920s Paris, represents Hennessy’s foray into the realm of Web3.

The project’s debut during Art Basel Miami in December 2022 introduced members to the unique NFT, symbolizing their privileged status within this modern, digital-led community.

The Bottle: A confluence of creativity and technology

Central to the Hennessy and Café 11 partnership is the limited-edition V.S.O.P bottle. This unique product is the result of the Café 11 community’s active involvement, blending Hennessy’s renowned elegance with the collaborative spirit of digital art and Web3 technology.

Forged in the fires of artistic collaboration and technological innovation, this bottle represents a pioneering moment for Hennessy as it unveils its first-ever community-directed design, created exclusively for and by the members of Café 11.

Minted on the blockchain platform BlockBar, this bottle combines physical craftsmanship with a digital presence, distinguishing it as a collector’s item spanning both the tangible and virtual worlds.

From concept to digital reality

The creation process for this bottle involved an intricate collaboration between the Café 11 community and professional artists. Café 11 members played a crucial role in guiding the design, while the final artistic touches were applied by the renowned artist John P. Dessereau (Johnsville), in concert with Hennessy’s design team. This approach resulted in a distinctive blend of collective input and artistic expertise.

The bottle’s debut on BlockBar adds a layer of interaction to the traditional ownership experience, intertwining Hennessy’s heritage with modern technology. Each NFT stands as proof of ownership and connects its holder to the esteemed tradition and quality of Hennessy, expanding the reach of the luxury cognac experience.

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