Haneda airport launches NFT Stamp Rally in Tokyo

Haneda airport launches NFT Stamp Rally in Tokyo

Tokyo’s Haneda Airport has embarked on an innovative journey, blending the physical and digital worlds through the launch of the “HANEDA NFT Stamp Rally”. This unique event is set to begin on November 17th as part of the technology festival “HANEDA EXPO”.

Exclusive NFTs for travelers

The Mirai Research Institute, a subsidiary of Japan Airport Building Co., Ltd., is at the forefront of this futuristic endeavor.

By utilizing the Astar Network, the institute aims to create a vibrant connection between customers and various establishments at Haneda Airport, HANEDA INNOVATION CITY®, and the Ota Ward shopping district. This initiative marks a significant step in integrating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into everyday consumer experiences.

The rally leverages SUSHI TOP MARKETING’s token graph technology, allowing participants to collect digital stamps at 17 different stores using their smartphones. These digital stamps are more than just collectibles; they unlock an array of benefits, including free soft drinks, popcorn, and even mini craft beer at participating outlets.

For the avid collectors, there’s an extra incentive. Those who manage to acquire all four NFT stamps are eligible to apply for exclusive HANEDA EXPO original goods on a first-come, first-served basis, adding an element of excitement to the rally.

Parterning with Japan Airlines

Mirai Research Institute’s partnership with Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. introduces an NFT stamp specifically designed for customers new to web3 technology. This inclusive approach ensures that even those with little to no experience in digital innovation can participate and explore the world of NFTs.

This isn’t the institute’s first foray into digital innovation. Earlier this year, they used the Astar Network for a collaboration with WebX, Asia’s largest Web3 conference. Their continuous efforts aim to make web3 technology accessible to a broader audience.

Digital Adventures in Tokyo Airport

The “HANEDA NFT Stamp Rally” represents a fusion of technology and commerce, creating a new flow of people and business that interlinks various areas. It’s a forward-thinking initiative, positioning Haneda Airport not just as a travel hub but as a pioneer in the integration of digital and physical consumer experiences.

As Tokyo’s Haneda Airport embarks on this digital adventure, it sets a precedent for airlines and institutions to follow. The seamless blend of technology and everyday activities showcased in the NFT stamp rally could very well be the blueprint for future consumer engagement strategies worldwide.

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