Gucci roars into the metaverse brokering a deal with BAYC creators Yuga Labs

Gucci roars into the metaverse brokering a deal with BAYC creators Yuga Labs

The renowned Italian fashion powerhouse Gucci publicized an extensive collaboration with Bored Ape Yacht Club inventor, Yuga Labs, to expand into the metaverse in a move geared towards Web3 fashion and entertainment.

Gucci and Yuga Labs, where fashion meets entertainment

A report by the Business of Fashion articulates a deal between Gucci and Yuga Labs to explore the coming together of fashion and entertainment. To cement the tie-up of the two giants, Gucci Vault and Web3 Ventures CEO Robert Triefus indicated his enthusiasm towards the progress.

According to the Italian fashion powerhouse, the deal gears at bringing a new mode of integrating fashion into the metaverse.  

Otherside takes another stride

Gucci is not new to the metaverse as it owns the “Gucci Grail NFT” project in collaboration with Wagmi-san, who created the digital designs available to personalize NFTs. The WENEW metaverse ecosystem hosted the project.

The partnership is said to encompass Otherside, a cybernetic sphere and game by Yuga. Bored Ape Yacht Club’s creator commenced its second test of the gaming metaverse dais. In the trial, more than 7,200 “concurrent Voyagers” were boarded, and Otherdeed NFT owners were involved.

Otherdeed NFTs are connected with the upcoming Otherside Metaverse after Yuga Labs acquired WENEW, a Web3 ecosystem-owning 10KTF NFT collection.

Gucci designed digital designs for the metaverse avatars in collaboration with 10KTF. The collection named 10KTF Gucci Grail NFT contained 5,000 image-designed tokens courtesy of Aria and Love Parade pools by Gucci.

Gucci’s overall goal is to create illustrious Web3 communities to increase its customer loyalty levels, thus generating more revenue.

Gucci’s endgame 

According to Triefus, the first days in NFT can be seen as “wild west” times, while the present can be viewed as a “correction” era. The Executive acknowledges that the NFT phenomenon is in a more realistic scenario, and it is time for Gucci to capitalize on the craze by making true partnerships.

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