Grails IV NFTs, the fresh palette of digital collectibles

Grails IV NFTs, the fresh palette of digital collectibles

The art world anticipates with bated breath. A new ensemble of artistry has been making waves, creating ripples in the digital collectible landscape. Grails IV, the latest collection from PROOF, stands on the shoulders of giants, with past collections showcasing celebrated works from creative visionaries such as Tyler Hobbs, Snowfro, Larva Labs, and Refik Anadol. But this time, they’ve spiced up the intrigue.

Grails IV goes live

A new artistic dawn has broken. Grails IV is now live, and with it, an exclusive cache of 1,138 creative collectibles. This launch completes the collective’s in-person exhibition in LA, allowing art aficionados to not merely view, but to interact with and admire these digital marvels from August 11.

The veil over the identities of the 20 creative masterminds behind the Grails IV collection will only be lifted during the live event launch, post the NFT minting phase from August 7-10, adding an air of enigma to an already coveted occasion.

Securing one of these digital treasures isn’t as simple as a click of a button. For starters, a chunk of 53 mint passes has been reserved for community activation and giveaways. Then comes the crucial Grails IV Mint Pass, available only to the holders of the PROOF Collective.

This precious pass was airdropped on August 1, offering a golden ticket to participate in the Grails IV journey. In addition, 25 lucky Diamond Nest Moonbirds holders will have the opportunity to trade their mint passes for a Grail, at a price of around $90 (0.05 ETH).

Perks for the holders

With ownership comes privilege, and Grails IV holders are treated to a veritable smorgasbord of benefits. They gain exclusive access to the PROOF Discord, an information hub teeming with first-hand intel from artists and community members. Opportunities for future physical and digital Grail-centric events also come part and parcel with the package, along with a unique collector profile on

How Grails IV empowers artists

Grails IV is not only a delight for collectors but also serves as a catalyst for nurturing creative spirits. Ensuring a fair ecosystem, PROOF guarantees that 100% of primary sales are funneled directly to all participating artists. A cherry on top, artists continue to be rewarded through 10% royalties from secondary sales, offering them due recognition for their invaluable contribution to the enthralling realm of digital art.

The Grails IV legacy

Grails IV NFTs are not just mere digital collectibles; they are enigmatic artistic treasures set to leave an indelible mark on the canvas of the art world. Awaiting to mesmerize collectors with their captivating digital and physical artistry, they promise to create a ripple effect, impacting artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts alike. 

In essence, they are much more than digital tokens; they are a testament to the transformative power of creativity in the digital age.y are a testament to the transformative power of creativity in the digital age.

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