Graham’s half-century of Vintage Port heritage celebrated through NFTs

Graham’s half-century of Vintage Port heritage celebrated through NFTs

Graham’s, the renowned wine company, has announced the launch of 50 limited-edition cases of its 1970 Vintage Port. The special Graham’s 2020 Bicentenary Edition Vintage Port will be uniquely twinned with an NFT. A bridge across half a century, this initiative marks 50 years of Symington family stewardship and provides an exclusive experience for buyers.

Unveiling the future through the past

Imbibing a Vintage Port from 1970 or 2020 is not just a taste of wine; it’s a moment savored across decades. With each case linked to an NFT, the authenticity of the wine is irrefutable. Not only does this safeguard against counterfeit bottles, but it also offers an intriguing array of benefits for the wine connoisseur.

From cellar to blockchain

Accessing their NFT is a seamless process for the owners, achievable through a simple tap of their phone on the anti-fraud NFC tags on each bottle, facilitated by the Club dVIN platform. As the last drop of the Vintage Ports is relished and the corresponding NFTs are dissolved, a series of privileges unfurl. An entitlement to a case from the subsequent release of classic Graham’s Vintage Port is one of these luxuries. 

Furthermore, the NFT holders can delight in six complimentary tours and tastings at the Graham’s Lodge, an experience they can extend to their fellow oenophiles.

Limited release for exclusive tasting

Starting from July 24, a select 44 cases from this limited edition will be obtainable solely at Graham’s Lodge, located in the scenic Vila Nova de Gaia. A handful of lucky buyers will be afforded an even more extraordinary opportunity — an exclusive day tour of Graham’s main vineyard, Quinta dos Malvedos, nestled within the verdant landscapes of the Douro Valley.

This exceptional package includes an educational stroll through the grape-laden vineyards, a guided tasting, and a delectable lunch at the usually off-limits estate house. All these exclusive experiences can be availed for the enticing sum of €3,000.

An oenophile’s delight

WineChain, the fine wine NFT platform, will witness a drop of five cases of this unique blend in the forthcoming months. The details of benefits and pricing are yet to be revealed. The last case is reserved for a special cause, set to be donated to the 2023 Golden Vines Online Auction supporting the Gérard Basset Foundation.

Harry Symington, communications & Vintage Port senior manager of Symington Family Estates, expressed his excitement over the introduction of their first-ever NFT linked to Vintage Port. The 1970 & 2020 Vintage Ports hold a special significance for the family. As such, the NFTs serve not just as a guarantee of authenticity and provenance but also as a unique opportunity to build relationships with buyers.

The longevity of NFTs and Vintage Port

With Vintage Port’s renowned ability to age gracefully over decades, the attachment of NFTs to these bottles creates a unique opportunity for both the producers and fine wine enthusiasts. The 1970 bottles are poised to be uncorked soon, while the 2020 bottles may be cellared for years to come, extending the lifetime of the NFT. In the confluence of tradition and technology, the allure of Vintage Port becomes more captivating.

To conclude, the unique initiative from Graham’s not only safeguards the authenticity of the Vintage Ports but also opens a gateway to unique experiences for the buyers, thus enriching the entire experience of owning and enjoying a Vintage Port. The future of fine wine and blockchain looks promising, indeed.

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