GQ Magazine to Launch Its First NFT Collection, the GQ3 collection

GQ Magazine to Launch Its First NFT Collection, the GQ3 collection

Men’s fashion magazine GQ is set to drop its first non-fungible token (NFT) collection on March 8, 2023. The NFT collection is linked to real-world rewards as it will grant its holders access to the magazine’s subscription, merchandise, and live events.

Blockchain-based fashion

The GQ3 Issue 001: Change Is Good collection comprises 1,661 NFTs linked to unique art pieces created by artists. The first four artists to work with GQ are Chuck Anderson, Kelsey Niziolek, REO, and Serwah Attafuah.

The holder can claim additional rewards with each token, including exclusive merchandise, a GQ magazine subscription, a ticket to the inaugural GQ3 party in April, and a curated GQ box of products. Holders will have access to an exclusive Discord channel and will be prioritized in accessing future releases.

The artistic partnership 

Each of the four artists was challenged to respond to GQ’s #ChangeIsGood motto and develop a new kind of generative art collection. They spent four months brainstorming ideas with the GQ team to create this collection’s art masterpieces. 

Each artist created over 100 unique aspects that were combined algorithmically to create the artwork in the series. The NFTs will have an opening price of 0.1957 ETH (about $330) each – directly aped from the year GQ magazine was founded and will be minted in phases. The GQ Discord active members will be given priority to mine first. 

GQ has dropped a link on their Twitter page where interested parties can join the Allowlist to the exclusive Discord channel.

Each artist working on the Change is Good project is bringing a fresh perspective to the collection as follows:

GQ3 x Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson is a self-taught designer and artist who founded the NoPattern Studio when he was 18. His strongholds are surreal light and color use, constant experimentation with different mediums, and juxtapositions of traditional and digital mediums.

Anderson says that this project is a technical and retrospective project of sorts. He built using every medium and technique he had used in the past, including AI, drawing, collage, photography, and vector.

GQ3 x Serwah Attafuah

Serwah Attafuah is a multidisciplinary artist and musician based in West Sydney, Dharug land, Australia. This artist creates surreal digital dreamscapes and wastelands populated by self-Afrofuturistic abstractions.

Attafuah tackled the Change Is Good theme by highlighting her surreal cyber worlds, heavily showcasing Afrofuturistic protagonists that symbolize that change the world seeks is within us and reflects in our environments

GQ3 x Kelsey Niziolek

Kelsey Niziolek is an illustrator working with GQ for a long time and is a contributor to outstanding projects in various brands such as the New Yorker and Atlantic Records. Her work is hand-drawn with pen and pencil, drawing inspiration from ancient art, the ’90s rave flyers, surrealism, and New Age serenity.

Her contribution to the GQ collection is meant to evoke a connection between the material and ancient spiritual world, with the future and surreal. The collection aims to show that new beginnings are perpetual and that “change is cyclical yet unpredictable.”


REO is a dynamic futuristic working to change how the world views digital art. He has a special synesthesia ability to see color when listening to music. This gifting helps him create art that shows what songs look like.

His collection in the Change is Good project s focused on using new-age tools to challenge himself to get out of his comfort zone and make better art.

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