Google greenlights Web3 game advertising with new crypto policy

Google greenlights Web3 game advertising with new crypto policy

Google has made significant changes to its crypto advertisement policy, granting permission for blockchain game advertising. Beginning September 15, 2023, advertisers can now run campaigns for NFT (Non-Fungible Token) games, provided they don’t encourage gambling.

Google becoming more crypto-friendly

This move marks a major shift in Google’s stance towards the crypto domain, specifically following their recent Play Store policy alterations that permit NFT game listings. As per the updated crypto ad policy, ads for NFT games need to strictly adhere to stipulated standards and obtain a certification from the company.

However, the tech giant has stated that the ads should not in any way promote or encourage gambling. This includes ads promoting gambling with NFTs, simulated casino NFT games, and links directing users to NFT gambling websites.

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Good news for NFT Gaming

The timing of this adjustment is noteworthy. The crypto market is navigating through a downturn, and the enthusiasm around NFT gaming seems to be waning. However, the industry can now use Google ads, one of the main platforms for online advertising, to cater to a whole new audience and expand its player base.

A balanced approach

By allowing ads promoting in-game purchases such as virtual clothing, weapons, and armor, Google is keenly emphasizing a balanced approach between innovation and responsible advertising in this emerging field.

Advertisers who fail to comply with the guidelines will face repercussions. Although the tech company pledges to provide a week’s notice before any suspension, non-adherence could result in an outright suspension of the advertiser’s account.

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