Google, BrewDog, and Degen Distillery bring Spirits into Web3

Google, BrewDog, and Degen Distillery bring Spirits into Web3

BrewDog and Degen Distillery, supported by Google’s Web3 startup program, are launching the world’s first crowd-created spirits brand. The collaboration is a fusion of community input, blockchain technology, and Google’s tech expertise, marking a significant innovation in the spirits industry.

The essence of the partnership

Announced on Degen Distillery’s official Twitter on November 9, the partnership between BrewDog, Degen Distillery, and Google uniquely leverages community input. The public’s voice will heavily influence crucial aspects like branding, design, and even the recipes for these new spirits.

Degen Distillery’s approach stands out for its incorporation of blockchain technology. The brand enables individuals to claim ownership of their creative contributions through NFTs. This method links the creative process directly to tangible rewards, making it a pioneering move in the spirits industry.

Google’s pivotal role

An essential element of this venture is Google’s involvement through its Web3 startup program. This partnership benefits from the technological resources of the tech giant, including Google Cloud credits and a support network that offers both technical and business growth assistance.

This support is instrumental in expanding Degen Distillery’s ‘social distribution’ model, a visionary concept introduced by Degen Labs’ co-founder and CEO, Sammy Verghese. This model is set to revolutionize the spirits industry by not just focusing on the creation of products but also on their distribution, utilizing a worldwide network of creative minds and innovators.

Shaping the future of brand engagement

This latest collaborative effort between companies symbolizes a significant leap in how brands can engage with and involve their communities.

Degen Distillery’s first product, a vodka named ‘721’, is set for release in Q4 2023. Developed in partnership with BrewDog, this ‘crowd-created’ vodka is a testament to how traditional industries like spirits can evolve through technology and community-driven innovation.

As the project progresses, it exemplifies the potential for transformative collaboration within the food and beverages sector.

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