Gods Unchained reveals new ‘Tides of Fate’ expansion

Gods Unchained reveals new ‘Tides of Fate’ expansion

Gods Unchained, one of the most played blockchain-based games, has unveiled its latest expansion: Tides of Fate. This eagerly anticipated release promises fresh mechanics, an immersive narrative journey, and a unique set of 142 cards.

Welcome to the world of Eucos

On October 25th at 11 am AET, players will be introduced to a vivid new world populated by Atlanteans, Dragons, and other mythical beings. The expansion is set in the world of Eucos, taking players from the Shimmering Atlant to far-off locations like Whitesalt City.

Among the 142 new card offerings are 15 coveted Legendary Creatures, sure to be a hot commodity among NFT (non-fungible token) collectors.

New factions and characters

According to the official blog post, the expansion will introduce new characters: Admiral Mayday, a daring pirate; Francesca, a genius from Sartonia; and Tarken, the esteemed leader of the Draka. The narrative follows young warrior Eiko on her quest to find her friend Reios, who disappeared after a momentous battle.

A major gameplay innovation in Tides of Fate is the “Choose Your Faction” feature. Players pledge loyalty to either the industrious Sartonians, who harness magical Atlanteans and domain crystals, or the Draka, ocean-dwellers bonded with mighty dragons. This choice affects both gameplay and the unfolding story.

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Expansion Overview (Source: Gods Unchained Blog)

Every few weeks, a faction skirmish will ensue, with consequences for the game’s Hero cards and overarching story. Players joining a faction will receive two Legendary Hero cards: Zaskia for the Sartonians and Glinn for the Draka.

Skirmishes will leave their mark on a special Tides of Fate cardback, with crystal slots colored in accordance with the winning faction.

Gameplay changes

A new mechanic called “Manasurge” will also be added. This ability taps into the power of Shimmering Atlant’s mana crystals, offering bonus effects if the necessary mana is expended. This mechanic promises to bring an added layer of strategy, allowing cards to unveil greater potential later in the game.

Crafting takes center stage, too. After introducing the Crafting mechanic in the “Band of the Wolf” set, the developers have enhanced the feature for Tides of Fate. Exclusive cards, only obtainable through Crafting, ensure that players are engaged in a dynamic collection experience.

Redefining the Gods Unchained experience

For those eager to dive deeper, the official Tides of Fate website will continuously update with card reveals and detailed set information. Players can also expect a buyer’s guide, an in-depth look at the faction system, crafting recipes, and a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the expansion’s creation.

With its launch imminent, Tides of Fate is set to redefine the Gods Unchained experience. As anticipation builds, one thing is clear: the journey to the Shimmering Atlant promises to be unforgettable.

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