Gods Unchained releases pre-alpha testing for mobile game

Gods Unchained releases pre-alpha testing for mobile game

Gods Unchained, a popular Web3 trading card game, has recently announced the release of its pre-alpha testing stage for its upcoming mobile game. Starting February 28th, Android users will be able to access the testing build for a limited time until March 28th. It is expected to draw a massive audience due to the game’s popularity.

Onboarding mobile gamers

The developers have made it clear that the version currently undergoing testing is not the ultimate version, and the primary objective of this testing phase is to gather feedback from the community.

The closed testing phase specifically concentrates on the fundamental gameplay, omitting certain aspects like tutorials, pack opening, and deck building. Additionally, advanced functionalities like board UI elements and screen resolution modification will not be accessible during this stage.

As per various reviews, the developers have communicated their intention to launch the game initially on Samsung 8 and newer devices, as well as the Pixel series. Nevertheless, additional device support will be integrated as the game advances.

The rationale behind developing the game for Android devices stemmed from the platform’s widespread popularity worldwide. Furthermore, the iOS community has also expressed their eagerness for the upcoming release, as Gods Unchained will eventually be available on Apple devices.

To guarantee a smooth gaming experience, the game will dispatch weekly updates to rectify bugs and incorporate feedback from the community. Although sharing feedback is not mandatory, the developers underscore its pivotal role in refining the ultimate product. The game features an in-app survey following gameplay to facilitate feedback gathering, and players can also choose to provide comprehensive feedback via email.

How to join the pre-alpha

Users who receive an invitation will be sent an email containing instructions on how to download and utilize the application. The testing phase aims to enable developers to detect and resolve any issues before the game’s official release.

Since its inception in 2018, Gods Unchained has garnered a substantial fanbase. The game’s distinctive gameplay mechanics and decentralized structure have distinguished it from conventional trading card games. Players have the autonomy to own their cards, exchange them, and accumulate rewards by participating in the game.

Gods Unchained enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the game’s mobile release. The pre-alpha testing phase will offer users a sneak peek of the game’s features and generate valuable feedback for developers to enhance the end product.

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