Gods Unchained Announces the Planned Launch of its Season-Themed Card Collectibles

Gods Unchained Announces the Planned Launch of its Season-Themed Card Collectibles

Gods Unchained, the Immutable Games Studio’s Web3 trading cards, has announced the planned release of the first seasonal themed cards. The company made the announcement on December 6, saying that these sets of cards are designed to meet the demands of its community and collectors irrespective of their level of engagement and dedication.

The First of Season Themed Games Cards from the Company

The set of cards, known as Winter Wanderlands, represents the first set of seasonal cards from the company. These are unique collectibles made to depict the imminent holiday season. According to Daniel Paez, Gods Unchained executive producer, the new set is unique:

“The new set will be a truly special edition, and we wholeheartedly invite the Gods Unchained community to join us as this festive story unfolds, and bear witness to this unique narrative that — for the first-time ever — places the champions in a different world outside of Eucos,”

The details of the planned release indicated that the seasonal cards will comprise 20 cards thematically representing the festive season. There also will be time-limited editions of the collectibles that will give the players in-game personalization options to give them better gaming experiences.

An Adventurous Journey through Winter Wanderlands

The update from the game maker said that a mini-set designed for lore enthusiasts will offer a festive story in a standalone feature. This will be around Ludia, the Goddess of Deception, and Orfeo, which is featured as Ludia’s champion. All will take the player on an adventurous journey to the Winter Wanderlands.

The uniqueness of the seasonal cards makes them a fit for all types of collectors. Experienced collectors can focus on the new limited edition versions peculiar to the season, while veterans can add to their collections to expand their battle strategies.

A Collaborative Community Event Alongside Seasonal Cards

The release from Gods Unchained specifically stated that the festive season will see the six legendary icons of the Gods Unchained world embrace new roles. These legends include the champions Lysander, Neferu, Orfeo, Pallas, Valka, and Selena.

Immutable Games Studio further stated that it is embarking on a series of Collaborative Community Events alongside the launch of its seasonal cards. The announcement said that the inaugural event, titled “Unlocking The Candy Chain,” encourages players to work towards accomplishing set objectives.

Other goals include domain alliance to dominate spaces and see the chains that unlock first. Participating players will receive an exclusive card known as “Unexpected Gift” after all the links of the Candy Chains break. There is no other way of receiving the Unexpected Gift except through participation, the company emphasized.

Seasonal Cards Will Be Available from December 14 to January 11

Winter Wanderlands card packs are scheduled to be launched on December 14. Collectors can start purchasing them immediately. They’ll be on sale until January 11, 2023. Players will have complete ownership of the themed card NFTs, so they can easily be bought, traded, or sold.

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