Goblintown NFT introduces Season 2 mint prioritizing worst traders

Goblintown NFT introduces Season 2 mint prioritizing worst traders

Truth Labs, the developer of the Goblintown NFT collection, is set to debut Season 2 mint that rewards the poorest traders. Users utilizing meme coin PEPE to make purchases of the NFTs will be entitled to a 50% discount.

Worst traders rewarded

In a quest to employ upside-down compensation criteria, Big Inc, a follow-up of the Goblintown collection, seeks to award poor traders on the foundation of “rekt activity.” According to the announcement, Goblintown NFT Season 2 mint, dubbed “Big Inc,” will prioritize the underperforming traders in its whitelist.

It is good news for crappy NFT and crypto traders because Truth Labs is set to reward the top 1,000 traders with poor trade records. Big Inc will give the selected traders a free “acceptance letter” to participate in the mint. Users owning various collections, such as Goblintown Illuminati and Grumpl by Truth Labs, will also enjoy minting Big Inc tokens without a cost.

According to Process Grey, Truth Labs’ co-founder and artist, the Goblintown Season 2 principal obligation will be to celebrate the Web3 community and culture irrespective of the market trends. “Every trader feels discouraged feeling like the past year benefited only influencers,” proclaimed Process Grey. He also added that Big Inc is coming to benefit traders who have endured the market.

Big Inc 15,000 NFT

Truth Labs has not disclosed the official dates for the mint. All known is that there will be 15,000 NFTs up for grabs, and the company is giving users utilizing PEPE meme-coin to purchase a 50% discount.

Big Inc is a prominent establishment in the imaginary Goblintown that has indoctrinated and changed animals into its employees. Its artwork comprises profile pictures representing heads of animals expressing “super serious” features.

The project comes after Goblintown NFT has attracted a trading volume of 63,422 ETH ($116 million) since its debut in May 2022.

It is set to tap into the PEPE meme coin’s exploding popularity which has hit a 2,100% high with its market cap above $502 million. Big Inc will encourage users to pay for tokens using PEPE. One token will cost 0.096 ETH, with those paying in PEPE parting with only 0.048 ETH following the 50% discount.

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