What is NFT Raids?

NFT raids are the community’s social media flash campaigns to promote new projects for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These raids are frequently used to promote digital assets in the form of digital art or digital collectibles, such as unique avatars or playable game characters.

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other similar cryptos, NFTs are a type of crypto token unique and immutable, which means they cannot trade at equivalency. You can, however, purchase NFTs with your cryptocurrencies.

The more people invest in an NFT art project, the more valuable it becomes. As a result, NFT holders will conduct Twitter raids to find influencers interested in NFTs and send them resources and links to their projects. The goal is to raise awareness and participation in a specific NFT project.

How does it function?

NFT Raids is an interactive mini-game where players can acquire exclusive NFTs while assisting with the project’s advancement. Each raid will be made for a brief period, with objectives/missions that help the project’s progress. Everyone will be able to participate in the NFT Raid, and their chances of winning these NFTs will depend on where they sit at the Raiders’ table and how much they contribute.

Legendary, Epic, Rare, and Collector’s Edition are the four tiers of rarity for each NFT Collection.

Donor #1, the top Raider, will receive a Legendary NFT (1 of 1).

Donors #2 through 6 (the next five highest Raiders) will each receive an Epic NFT (1 of 5).

The following twenty Raiders (Donors #7-26) will receive Rare NFTs (1 of 20).

All other Raiders will receive a Collector’s Edition NFT since everyone is a winner at DeSports Network.

A base value of 10% of the money amassed during the NFT Raid will be used to determine the value of the NFTs. If 50 BNBs are required for an exchange listing, for instance, we would raise 55 BNBs (50 BNBs for the exchange listing and 5 BNBs (10%) to sustain the price of these NFTs).

To provide an initial value for the NFTs, those 5 BNBs will be maintained as collateral. If a Raider decides to utilize cryptocurrency instead of the NFT, we will give them the BNB worth of the NFT in $DESP and keep the NFT for future auctions, burns, or used as a tournament prize.

Once the NFT Raid is over, all objectives have been achieved, and NFTs will be sent.

Guidelines For An NFT Twitter Raid

Here are some suggestions for a successful campaign if you’re new to the NFT and crypto area and want to participate in your first raid.

Sign Up for An NFT Community

The first step is to become a member of an NFT community. Your chosen NFT projects will usually post links to Discord servers where holders and anyone interested in the project can mingle and discuss it. A specific channel for Twitter raids is frequently found, where members post links to crypto investors and NFT influencers who Tweet about their interest in finding a new NFT project to invest in.

Get Your Own Crypto Twitter Account

Now is the moment to create a crypto Twitter account if you don’t already have one. You are not required to create a separate account for your crypto tweets; however, some users prefer it for organizational purposes.

Be sure to follow the official accounts of the NFT projects you want to promote and the developers’ accounts. Finding NFT influencers on Twitter won’t be too difficult because the social network typically suggests accounts to follow that are comparable to your own, depending on your behavior.

Use Twitter To Find NFT Influencers

You may skip this step and jump into your flash campaign if people on your Discord server have already started looking for influencers’ tweets and linking them to your Twitter raiding channel.

But if you’re seeking NFT influencers on your own, you may always start by searching for hashtags like #NFT, #NFTs, #NFTCommunity, #NFTCollections, and similar ones.

Answer Your Selected Influencers

After responding to each promotion:

  • Make sure you go to the Twitter search field.
  • Enter the hashtag for your project.
  • Select “latest.”

Retweet (RT) every comment about your initiative to spread the word about your campaign.