What is Discord?

Discord is a free messaging app that provides users with text, voice, and instant video chats. It was first launched in May 2015 and was initially made for gamers to interact with audio and text when gaming. 

In the crypto fraternity, users interact with each other and engage on the various topics linked to cryptocurrencies and blockchains. It has emerged as an excellent platform for crypto enthusiasts interested in gaining more information and exposure to communities they are interested in. 

The platform allows for deeper idea exchanges among the users. It is also considered one of the most efficient and secure platforms of its kind as it has a team of experts well-versed in blockchain technology. Its security features are alluring to the crypto community, and that is how it became one of the most popular platforms for cryptocurrency users.

Here are some of the basic terms used in discord.


A server refers to a community in the discord arena that is operated independently. These communities are made up of users sharing crypto information between themselves. Anyone can create servers. Some are made up of a few individuals, whereas others amount to mega-projects that involve thousands of people.


Channels are subdivisions that are done to servers intended for specific topics in a community. They are chat rooms dedicated to certain activities such as product announcements and impending events. Participating in channels enables users to create bonds and build friendships beyond discord.

Joining a discord server is the first step to getting extensive data on crypto. Discord allows users to join different servers depending on the nature of the information they seek. However, it is worth noting that some servers may attract untrustworthy fellows. Thus users should keep vital information such as discord login credentials, private keys, and seed phrases to themselves. 

Here are some of the top-rated discord servers that users can join today.


Cryptohub is a good place for beginners with no clue where to start on crypto matters. Its primary objective is to guide newbies from scratch till they become proficient in crypto trading and investments. Additionally, group members receive information about the best crypto products and services to use, and other helpful platforms are recommended to them to hone their crypto knowledge.


r/Cryptocurrency is a thriving discord server that is open to everyone. From beginners to avid crypto traders. The platform gives all kinds of information concerning crypto ranging from altcoins, mining, yielding farming, DeFi, and whale transactions to the current news in the crypto sphere. 

Cracking Crypto

Cracking Crypto discord server caters to all other aspects of blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies but also provides community members with trading signals and advice. While it can be a great place to learn, it tends to be for more experienced crypto users who know what the do with the information provided. This discord server has built a reputation for providing reliable information about what’s going on in the markets.