What is Devs?

Devs is the term used to describe developers or blockchain developers. Simply put, it’s a short form for developers. 

A blockchain developer is responsible for designing smart contracts and DApps and to maintain a blockchain’s code, so they need to understand the protocols and architecture associated with blockchain technology in detail.  

Since the invention of blockchain technology, developers have become an integral part of the ecosystem as the key players in the success of blockchain projects. Typically, crypto projects with little blockchain developer activities struggle in growth compared to their counterparts with experienced devs.

There are two types of developers in the crypto industry: blockchain developers and blockchain software developers

Core blockchain developers are responsible for building the architecture and security of each blockchain system, which acts as a foundation for the blockchain software developer to improve. 

Using the core architecture of blockchains, blockchain software developers design decentralized applications and smart contracts used by players in the blockchain ecosystem. Although there are two kinds of devs, most startups have the same person performing both roles. 

Here are some of the day-to-day responsibilities blockchain developers undertake.

  • Developing all blockchain protocols
  • Designing and keeping track of all smart contracts
  • Creating the core architecture used in decentralizing and centralizing information
  • Outlining front-end designs as per the client’s specifications
  • Backend development that follows all blockchain protocols

A career in blockchain development is gradually becoming one of the most sought-after in tech. A beginner in blockchain development earns approximately $110,000 annually, whereas experienced developers can make up to $250,000 or more. 

So, how can a person get into blockchain development? Below are some of the requirements needed to begin a career as a blockchain developer.

  1. Become Adept with Essential Technical Skills

Before joining other proficient Devs in the blockchain sector, a potential developer must acquire vital technical skills used in blockchain development. First, a piece of extensive programming language and coding knowledge is handy for would-be developers, as it is key in developing Dapps. A thorough understanding of data structures, databases, and networking are also essential tech skills that make a great blockchain developer.

  1. Get Acquainted with Cryptonomics

Cryptonomics is the term used to refer to the combination of cryptography and economics. Cryptography is essentially the vital element in the blockchain system and the main idea behind blockchain security. To become a skilled dev, in-depth know-how of the workings of cryptonomics and cryptography pays off.

  1. Learn the Basics about Blockchains

Nothing matters if a would-be dev lacks knowledge of the basics associated with the blockchain industry. Potential blockchain developers must learn about blockchain’s fundamental concepts and terms to understand the sector. In addition to this, learning about the workings of blockchain protocols and real-time blockchain applications and getting versed with up-to-date happenings in the blockchain sector are very helpful to prospective developers.

  1. Education is Key

A career in blockchain development is not a walk in the park. It typically requires excellent academic background, preferably in mathematics, information technology, and computer science. A minimum of an undergraduate degree in these fields is crucial to any aspiring dev looking to work at a large web3 company.