Brazilian media conglomerate Globo launches “Xuxaverso” NFTs

Brazilian media conglomerate Globo launches “Xuxaverso” NFTs

Globo, the prominent Brazilian media company, has released its second non-fungible token (NFT) collection, Xuxaverso. This marks the third NFT collection for parent company Grupo Globo.

Celebrating the renowned presenter Xuxa

This fresh venture into the web3 world is designed to promote the new documentary series, “Xuxa, The Documentary”, featuring 60 collectible NFTs commemorating the 60th birthday of the renowned presenter Xuxa.

The NFTs will take the form of unique digital stickers logged on the blockchain, recounting stories from popular shows like “Xou da Xuxa”. Alongside these, collectibles featuring classic looks will be offered, designed to be collated in a 2D digital Xuxa art album.

The aesthetic of the collection follows the same line as Yuga Labs’ Bored Apes and deviates from the 3D avatars from Meta’s metaverse.

Tiago Lessa, Head of Acquisition and Engagement Marketing at Globo, explains that the NFTs tap into the nostalgia of 1980s collections of sticker albums, letter papers, and stamps, a time when Xuxa was rising as a children’s show presenter.

Meet-and-greet sessions with the presenter

Globoplay has categorized the NFTs into three rarity levels: gold, platinum, and diamond. Among these, the rarest and most valuable collectibles will offer exclusive experiences, including opportunities to take photos with the presenter.

A free NFT will be distributed to Globoplay subscribers on July 14, with the remaining collectibles available for purchase from the Xuxaverso official store starting July 20. New batches will be launched every 15 days. The NFTs will be using the Eluvio blockchain, as with the previous two web3 initiatives.

Globo executives highlighted the company’s potential in the web3 space, given its impressive reach – a daily audience of 100 million on open TV and around 115 million across all channels. “Globo deals with content distribution, and wherever there’s content, we’re interested. That includes blockchain,” says João Nogueira, Advertising Manager at Globo.

Declining TV viewership leads to Web3

Nogueira notes a surprising decline in viewers changing channels during programming breaks, as viewers now often reach for their phones, a behavior that opens new dynamic opportunities, known as the second screen behavior. “People shift their gaze, but not the channel,” he said.

Nogueira affirmed that the network conducts hypothesis tests on viewer behavior in relation to web3, which could lead to different blockchain technology-based products:

“There are other possibilities beyond just giving a program memento. We are talking about attention economy and other ways to distribute assets.”

Previous collections by Globo

Globoplay’s previous NFT experience was a collection linked to the soap opera “All the Flowers”, in which some platform subscribers received a promotional action via WhatsApp with a personality test that resulted in a character-related collectible. This token then granted access to a spoiler video of the soap’s second season.

For Grupo Globo at large, their most notable NFT experience was a collection tied to the reality show “The Masked Singer Brasil”, which minted 6,112 tokens. Of these, 5,012 were free and 1,100 were paid. A total of 30 unique collectibles were launched, the first four of which were issued without any barrier to the consumer other than registration on Globo’s NFT marketplace. These specifically had a thousand units each, which sold out in 36 hours.

Eliseu Barreira Junior, Head of Digital Products & Paid Channels Portfolio Management at Globo, stated:

“Our expectation is to innovate and continue learning in this blockchain universe, which has multiple possibilities for exploration by media companies,”

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