GensoKishi Online takes center stage in Immutable zkEVM’s gaming lineup

GensoKishi Online takes center stage in Immutable zkEVM’s  gaming lineup

Immutable has confirmed the deployment of three new games on its upcoming Immutable zkEVM network. This trio of blockchain games—GensoKishi Online, Cursed Stone, and Sailwars—are preparing to take full advantage of this Ethereum scaling solution.

GensoKishi Online

Among the games announced, GensoKishi Online emerges as a prominent title. As a metaverse-native revival of the 2008 hit Elemental Knights Online, which has enjoyed over 8 million downloads, GensoKishi Online promises to bring a beloved franchise to the forefront of blockchain gaming.

The game’s developer, Metap, originally planned its launch on the Polygon blockchain but has shifted its sights to the broader potential of the Immutable zkEVM.

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Quote from GensoKishi Online CEO (Source)

The excitement for GensoKishi Online was recently fueled by a collaborative event with Square Enix’s Symbiogenesis. This event sent players on a Discord-based scavenger hunt with the allure of free NFTs, blending community engagement with the innovative spirit of the blockchain gaming sector.

Cursed Stone & Sailwars

Cursed Stone enters the scene as a 3D open-world MMORPG, setting itself apart with a unique proposition of dynamic NFT assets that players can own and trade. Immutable’s statement highlights an “innovative role system” that ensures the singularity of each NFT, infusing the gameplay with an element of exclusivity and value.

Adding to the diversity, Sailwars promises a blend of epic naval confrontations and high-fantasy allure, drawing inspiration from legendary narratives like “The Lord of the Rings” and “Game of Thrones”. The game also includes Web3 elements, enabling players to earn tokens and convert in-game items into NFTs.

Establishing a foothold on Web3 gaming

Immutable zkEVM stands as a gaming-focused scaling network that promises to amplify the gaming experience on the Ethereum blockchain. Leveraging Polygon’s zkEVM technology, it offers full compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Andrew Sorokovsky, VP of Global Business Development at Immutable, expressed his enthusiasm for the new gaming lineup:

“It’s inspiring to see more studios embracing Immutable to really level up their game.”

The list of games utilizing the Immutable zkEVM doesn’t end there. Immutable’s own Shardbound, MetalCore, and the Roland Emmerich-backed Space Nation are also in development for this promising network.

As anticipation builds, the blockchain gaming community watches eagerly as Immutable’s zkEVM testnet evolves. The full mainnet rollout remains on the horizon, promising to bring blockchain-based gaming into the spotlight.

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