GamePhilos studio raises $8M for upcoming strategy game “Age of Dino”

GamePhilos studio raises $8M for upcoming strategy game “Age of Dino”

GamePhilos Studio, an expert in MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) and strategy games, has secured a whopping $8 million in seed funding. Investors include major names like Xterio Ltd., Animoca Ventures, SevenX Ventures, and Chain Hill Capital, to name a few.

Remarkable funding round

Age of Dino is once again in the headlines after recently announcing a Mech-inspired NFT collection, MechPal, which promises to offer holders in-game utility and access to token airdrops.

Now, GamePhilos, the parent company behind the game, has secured an impressive funding round, especially taking into consideration we are in a prolonged bear market. Jeremy Horn, the COO of Xterio, expressed his enthusiasm for the seed funding:

“We are thrilled to be partnering with such a proven team of expert strategy game developers… Age of Dino is a flagship title for the Xterio platform.”

Backed by Xterio and gaming experts

The game will be integrated within the Xterio Foundation platform, which is renowned for its web3 integrations and blockchain-related technical assistance. With the collective $65 million funding raised by Xterio and its partners, players are promised an immersive experience emphasizing ownership.

The Xterio Foundation is composed of a passionate team dedicated to creating top-notch web2 and web3 games.

The game’s development is also backed by powerful tech and artistry. It will employ the FunPlus game engine, famous for its impeccable performance and scalability. Moreover, Imagendary Studios, led by ex-Blizzard artist Wang Wei, will steer the art direction, especially for the impending NFT collections.

GamePhilos all-star team

GamePhilos, based in Singapore, was established in July 2022. With 28 dedicated employees, it’s on a mission to revolutionize player digital ownership in mobile strategy games. The team is led by veterans from top game giants like Netease, Blizzard, ByteDance, and more.

Fans can anticipate “Age of Dino” launching on mobile devices in select countries by early next year.

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