GameFi meets Fashion: My Neighbor Alice partners with Elle

GameFi meets Fashion: My Neighbor Alice partners with Elle

A new collaboration has been formed between My Neighbor Alice (MNA) and the prestigious fashion brand ELLE, resulting in an extraordinary gaming experience that combines the finest aspects of both entities. This remarkable partnership highlights MNA’s exceptional ability to seamlessly incorporate brands into its gaming universe, establishing a path for future collaboration.

Fashionable gaming

This unique partnership between My Neighbor Alice and ELLE aims to unite their distinctive brand values, providing players with an exceptional experience that flawlessly merges fashion, lifestyle, and gaming.

ELLE will become a prominent figure within the game, appearing as a neighbor in various active regions, including Rusty Pikes and Tourney Wolds in Medieval Plains, Pioneer Point, Shaded Headland, and Gloomy Gulch in Nature’s Rest. Strategically positioned near the Town Hub of each region, players will discover the enticing ELLE plots awaiting their exploration.

With the objective of enhancing player engagement, captivating quests have been meticulously crafted, offering gamers the opportunity to acquire exclusive ELLE-branded items infused with an Alice twist. These quests seamlessly integrate into the pre-existing game quest system, conveniently accessible to players at the ELLE Café, an exceptional establishment nestled within the confines of the ELLE plot.

Mots d’Amour and Wonder Collection

Anticipation reaches its peak with the unveiling of two extraordinary limited collections of ELLE Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): the Mots d’Amour and the Wonder Collection, drawing inspiration from ELLE’s captivating real-life collections.

The Mots d’Amour collection can be acquired through the OpenSea marketplace, while the Wonder Collection is exclusively attainable through in-game crafting. These remarkable items will be granted as NFTs, significantly augmenting the value of any player’s in-game inventory. This collaboration will give rise to three remarkable collections, namely Rare, Epic, and Legendary, each possessing its own distinctive allure.

Within the realm of collections, the Rare Collection showcases a meticulously curated assortment of 23 distinct clothing items, each possessing its own individual flair. As for the Epic Collection, it represents a highly coveted limited edition, consisting of a mere four unparalleled clothing items that exude exclusivity. The epitome of prestige lies within the Legendary Collection, where extraordinary full-suit NFTs reign supreme, offering an unparalleled level of sophistication and distinction.

As a delightful bonus, purchasers of the NFT boxes will be granted an exciting opportunity to receive complimentary exclusive NFTs through the innovative airdrop system. To delve deeper into this enticing sale, additional information can be discovered on ELLE’s official website or through the exploration of OpenSea and Binance platforms, catering to the curiosity of those captivated by the collection.

Meet Alice, your new Neighbor

My Neighbor Alice is an innovative multiplayer builder game built on Chromia’s Blockchain, offering an immersive and user-friendly experience within a delightful virtual island. Players can earn rewards, monetize their creations, and engage in community events, promoting a sense of ownership and collaboration.

Players can now embark on an extraordinary gaming journey unlike any other as My Neighbor Alice and ELLE unite their creative forces. Seamlessly traversing the exquisitely designed realm of My Neighbor Alice, players will encounter a fusion of unparalleled beauty and style, immersing themselves in the captivating offerings curated by ELLE.

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