Galaxy Arena AI metaverse will show the first ever “phygital” boxing match on May 13

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Galaxy Arena AI metaverse will show the first ever “phygital” boxing match on May 13

Galaxy Arena presents the first grand boxing match in the metaverse. The company will be streaming the Roy Jones Jr VS NDO bout right on May 13 and has asked viewers to watch the fighters clash live on its metaverse platform.

Streaming live match into the metaverse

A metaverse company, Galaxy Arena AI is bringing the first ever phygital boxing match to the metaverse. This was revealed by the company in a February 13 press release in which the platform announced that the Roy Jones Jr VS NDO Champ match will be streamed into the metaverse.

The statement by the company said that the match will also be available on PPV and several other platforms via the internet.

This is the first time that a live combat sport will be available to viewers on the metaverse after being captured volumetrically and channeled into the virtual reality (VR) space. Galaxy Arena is a unique platform that offers an immersive experience to users of its metaverse. The AI-based platform comprises a fitness center, entertainment hub, and a virtual tower that visitors can tour in a one-of-a-kind metaverse journey.

Immersive experience in real time

In hosting the Roy Jones Jr VS NDO Champ phygital fight, Galaxy Arena is bringing its immersive experience to lovers of combat fights in real-time. The release said that hosting the fight in the metaverse comes naturally to Galaxy Arena since live events, such as boxing matches, are what the platform was designed for.

Jimmy Hurricane, the founder of Galaxy Arena, confirmed the stance of the company in a statement:

“Our mission is to create an immersive VR experience that will usher in the web3 era. We’re proud to offer a unique platform where users can play, move, learn, dance, sing, and participate to earn all under one roof.”

The X-to-earn business concept

The statement further said that the Galaxy Arena metaverse enables users and visitors to explore the virtual reality world as well as connect with their favorite athletes. They can also  join events that are streamed into the metaverse using state-of-the-art technology.

The platform features mini games that are fitness themed and users can access via VR technology. The ecosystem runs on its Move-to-Earn business concept.

While in the metaverse, users can access the Galaxy Towers, a short virtual reality distance from the arena and fitness hubs. Galaxy Towers is a financial hub with trading floors where the visitor can gain access to various financial vehicles and instruments with investment options. They can also participate in offers such as staking, Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO), trading, and more. The business has partnered with several web3 platforms to give investors a full suite of investment options within the metaverse.

20,000 real estate NFT collectibles

The platform’s Sky Lounge is a part of the tower where its night club and casino is located. It features non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles of luxury suites, office spaces, lounges, and other digital real estate. These make up 20,000 unique collectible NFTs.

The X-to-Earn metaverse was built on the Binance chain and powered by a native token, Essence ($ESNC). The platform recently raised $1 million from a private sale and said that its vision is to bridge the gap between the real and the virtual world by bringing live events to users in its metaverse.

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