Gala Games Partners with PokerGO to Launch Web3 Poker Platform

Gala Games Partners with PokerGO to Launch Web3 Poker Platform

Gala Games, a prominent GameFi developer, has formed a strategic partnership with PokerGO, a renowned poker streaming platform based in Las Vegas. Together, they are set to revolutionize the realm of online poker with their cutting-edge Web3 social poker game, aptly named PokerGO Play.

PokerGo NFT collection is already a success

Eric Schiermeyer, the visionary founder behind Gala Games, exudes immense enthusiasm for the imminent debut of this innovative game. He promises players an unparalleled level of entertainment within the captivating Web3 ecosystem. The beta testing phase for PokerGO Play is slated for June, paving the way for its highly anticipated full release later this year.

In May 2022, PokerGO generated significant buzz by unveiling its Genesis collection of 1,326 nonfungible tokens (NFTs). These NFTs represent a diverse array of starting hand combinations in the popular poker game Texas Hold’em.

Since its launch, the Genesis collection has witnessed an impressive trading volume, amounting to approximately 52 Ether (ETH) or $1,818. Notably, the floor price for these NFTs stands at 0.1 ETH. Holders of these unique NFTs were privileged to enjoy exclusive perks, including opportunities to win cash prizes, coveted memorabilia, and merchandise associated with remarkable winning moments.

Another milestone for Gala Games

Gala Games, a prominent player in the realm of Ethereum-based play-to-earn blockchain games, has been making significant strides in token development. In a recent milestone, the Gala team decided to burn an astounding 21 billion Gala (GALA) tokens, equating to a staggering value of approximately $640 million. This move came following the protocol’s v2 airdrop, demonstrating Gala Games’ commitment to enhancing the ecosystem.

The Gala Games and PokerGO collaboration has sparked tremendous anticipation for the upcoming Web3 poker platform. Enthusiastic players eagerly await an immersive gaming experience, where they can not only refine and upgrade their poker skills but also stand a chance to win tangible rewards in the real world.

As the beta testing phase draws near, slated for June, Gala Games and PokerGO are eagerly preparing to receive valuable user feedback and make essential refinements. Their shared goal is to guarantee a seamless and delightful gaming experience for players.

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