Gala Games launches Web3 business simulator ‘Legacy’

Gala Games launches Web3 business simulator ‘Legacy’

Business simulation game Legacy, developed by 22cans, has officially launched on the Gala Games platform. The game, available for PC and Mac users, offers a unique opportunity for players to immerse themselves in the competitive world of business strategy, testing their skills in design, production, and sales.

Gala Games presents Legacy

Legacy places players in a dynamic environment where they can design products, manage production processes, and eventually construct an entire town to sustain their growing economy. The game challenges players to think creatively and strategically in their quest to build a successful business.

Building your business from scratch

The competitive spirit of Legacy is embodied in its hourly events, including design and sales competitions. Players showcase their creativity in design contests, with the community voting for the most innovative products. Meanwhile, sales competitions push players to excel in marketing, aiming to sell the most products or achieve the highest sales value within a set time.

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Legacy (Source)

Competition winners can earn Legacy Tickets, a coveted prize within the game. These tickets hold real-world value, as they can be converted daily into $GALA tokens, the cryptocurrency used by Gala Games.

However, the path to victory in Legacy requires resources. The in-game currency, $GEMS, is pivotal for accessing these competitive events. Players can either mine $GEMS through initial gameplay or purchase them with $GALA tokens. This integration of in-game currency with real-world cryptocurrency adds a layer of complexity and excitement to the game.

Reward structure explained

Legacy operates on a system of Keys, Land, Deeds, and Guilds. The game is free-to-play, but participation hinges on Keys, which are linked to Deed owners. When players select a Key, they join the corresponding Deed owner’s Guild, sharing a portion of their earnings with the Deed owner. This feature adds a communal aspect to the gameplay, fostering a sense of teamwork and collaboration.

Deed owners hold significant influence in the game. The number of Keys they possess depends on the rarity of their Deeds. Rarer Deeds come with perks like Legacy Ticket multipliers, potentially tripling the ticket earnings. These Deeds are not just in-game items; they are unique digital properties that can be bridged to Ethereum and traded on secondary markets, blurring the lines between virtual gaming and real-world assets.

Road ahead

Legacy’s roadmap promises exciting updates. Soon, players will be able to level up their Deeds with enhancements permanently attached to the minted items. The introduction of Buildings will bring new dynamics to the game, offering bonuses like improved worker efficiency and faster research. Some Buildings, like Deeds, will be digital properties on GalaChain, while others will be exclusive to the game.

With its integration of cryptocurrency, a unique property system, and competitive events, Legacy sets a new standard in the world of business simulation games.

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