Gala Games launches Legends Reborn playtest on Steam

Gala Games launches Legends Reborn playtest on Steam

Gala Games has released its newest game, Legends Reborn, on Steam. Although it’s still in the playtest phase, the developers are confident that the game already offers players an immersive and engaging experience.

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Legends Reborn’s arrival on Steam is a crucial milestone toward its official launch, as the platform has a massive user base of over 60 million worldwide. With more players now able to participate in playtests, developers can gather essential feedback to refine the game before its official release.

Cross-play is one of the significant advantages of Legends Reborn’s playtest being accessible on Steam. Players can join matches with others on both Steam and Gala Games.

It’s important to mention that Steam’s ongoing ban on NFTs could pose a potential problem for Legends Reborn. It also means that player-owned items and NFTs will only be usable through a Gala Games account, meaning Steam users will not get the full experience Legends Reborn offers.

Getting started

Trying out Legends Reborn on Steam is free of charge. To access the game, players must visit its Steam page, click the “Request Access” button, and await approval.

With its distinctive and captivating mechanics, Legends Reborn has something to offer for everyone, regardless of their gaming experience. The game is bound to attract players from all walks of life.

The playtest on Steam is a vital stage in the game’s development, and the developers are actively encouraging players to provide feedback to enhance the experience before its official launch. By collecting this feedback, the team can refine the game, ensuring it is fully prepared for launch and delivers a seamless and enjoyable experience to all players.

The playtest of Legends Reborn on Steam is poised to draw a significant number of players, thanks to the platform’s extensive community and the Steam launch. After much anticipation, players can finally immerse themselves in the game and discover what all the excitement is about.

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