Gala Games commemorates migration to GalaChain with NFT Mystery Boxes

Gala Games commemorates migration to GalaChain with NFT Mystery Boxes

Gala Games, a trendsetter in the world of web3 gaming, announced today that they will be transferring their unsold and reserve NFT game items from the Ethereum network to their freshly created blockchain: GalaChain. This revolutionary decision promises to liberate gamers from Ethereum’s gas fees while also bolstering web3 functionality within Gala Games’ extensive roster of titles.

Everyone gets an NFT

To celebrate the migration, Gala Games announced plans to offer its players a variety of all-new NFT Mystery Boxes in a press release.

These boxes contain sought-after game items that are no longer available in the Gala Games Store. Each box comprises three random game items from an assortment of titles within the Gala Games ecosystem.

The transition to GalaChain means that all items within these Mystery Boxes are tokens on the new blockchain. At present, these tokens can be transferred within the GalaChain or used without any gas fees. This eradicates the previously prohibitive gas costs associated with minting, distributing, and revealing NFT Mystery Boxes on the Ethereum network.

Reflecting on the significance of this move, Gala Games’ President of Blockchain, Jason “BitBender” Brink, said:

“Bringing NFTs from our games onto our own layer 1 blockchain is a huge step forward. These are game items intended to be used and enjoyed without always worrying about bridges and gas– that’s what GalaChain is designed for!”

Introducing GalaChain

Taking full advantage of the capacities of GalaChain, Gala Games has released 30,204 NFT Mystery Boxes at a range of price points. These boxes offer gamers a fresh way to interact with and enjoy their favorite titles.

The introduction of GalaChain and the NFT Mystery Boxes signifies a pivotal moment in the history of web3 gaming. As Gala Games continues to drive innovation in the gaming industry, players worldwide will undoubtedly watch with keen anticipation as this exciting chapter unfolds.

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