Futurama’s new episode roasts Bitcoin Miners in the year 3023

Futurama’s new episode roasts Bitcoin Miners in the year 3023

Futurama, the popular animated series, has made a splash with its recent reboot. This time, it’s the world of Bitcoin miners that finds itself the subject of comedic scrutiny. In its latest episode, the show suggests that, come the year 3023, both humans and robots will still be fervently mining Bitcoin.

A trip down Crypto Country

The third episode of the series’ newest season, titled “How the West Was 1010001,” debuted on Hulu on August 6.

In a twist of events, the main protagonists owe a debt. Not just to anyone but to the notorious Robot Mafia. Their only way out is through a trip to “Crypto Country”, a region characterized by its striking resemblance to the Wild West, which parodies the lengths miners go to for Bitcoin production.

Ironically, Futurama indicates that BTC’s price remains as erratic in 3023 as it is today. The relentless quest for “cheap, filthy electricity” for mining doesn’t seem to have ceased.

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Futurama’s latest episode (Source: Hulu)

Ethereum and Doge also get some love

The episode doesn’t hold back with its jokes. Thallium, an element, is collected for its crucial role in crafting crypto mining chips. Furthermore, the setting moves to an Old West-inspired town amusingly named “Doge City”. A notable jest reveals Bitcoin miners consuming so much power they’re literally “ionizing the atmosphere”.

While Bitcoin is the main focus, it’s not the only cryptocurrency in the spotlight. Ethereum gets its moment, cheekily referred to as “danged Ethereum”. In a peculiar twist, the episode showcases robot heads repurposed for mining operations.

Since its debut in March 1999, Futurama has frequently mirrored contemporary cultural trends. Digital assets, once a niche fascination, are now mainstream. Proof of this is series like South Park and the latest Mission Impossible movie both including crypto references.

Bitcoin done, NFTs next?

Yet, one mystery remains. The episode doesn’t tackle the question many Bitcoin enthusiasts might have. Why, in a satirical 3023, are characters still mining Bitcoin? With the BTC halving process in mind, predictions have often slated 2140 as the year the final block gets mined. For now, Futurama leaves that query unanswered.

The infamous tv show will continue to satirize the crypto sphere, with one of the next episodes featuring the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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