Futurama Revival will feature an episode about NFTs

Futurama Revival will feature an episode about NFTs

Recently, Claudia Katz, the executive producer of the animated sitcom “Futurama”, confirmed that the forthcoming revival would continue its satirical humor. The new episodes will approach some of the most significant events of the 2020s, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and will premiere on July 24, exclusively on Hulu.

Making fun of Covid, Cancel Culture, and NFTs

The sneak peek trailer for the upcoming season provides snippets of the new episodes. The Entertainment Identifier Registry further offers a glimpse of the season’s episode titles, offering information about plotlines related to covid vaccines, cancel culture, Bitcoin, and NFTs.

Katz described the forthcoming episodes on SFX Magazine, saying:

“We have a vaccine episode. We’ve finally conquered COVID-19 in 3023, so that’s a very fun exploration of the science, vaccines, and just a commentary on that whole situation. There’s a fun Bitcoin episode. And we have an NFT episode which, of course, no one understands, which is sort of the joke.”

New episode will feature a Lawless Crypto Country

Bits from the Bitcoin/NFT-themed episode show characters in a wild west setting with Fry in a duel with the Borax Kid, a Silicon-based cowboy. Leela’s statement about lawlessness in “crypto country” suggests this might be the aforementioned episode, titled “How The West Was 1010001.”

Futurama has a long history of satirizing current events. From episodes lampooning American elections to those addressing global warming, the show has always held up a mirror to society. However, fans may harbor reservations stemming from the Comedy Central revival of Futurama.

Some of the weakest episodes were those that tried to satirize current events without offering substantial commentary, such as the early iPhone craze, gay marriage, and the controversies surrounding then-President Barack Obama’s birthplace.

The upcoming Futurama episodes run the risk of appearing outdated due to the ever-accelerating news cycle. For example, the Covid and crypto jokes may already feel passé by the time the new season premieres. Another factor is the current state of the NFT market, with some jokingly suggesting the market may be dead by the time the Futurama episodes come out.

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