Further details about Amazon’s NFT plans revealed

Further details about Amazon’s NFT plans revealed

Crypto publication CoinDesk managed to get some information from Amazon through an email, confirming that Amazon is indeed working on an NFT gallery and digital tokens on the e-commerce platform.

Amazon is diving head-on into blockchain

After announcing the launch of its NFT platform in April, Amazon has now shared more details about its venture into the web3 industry.

As per the email received by CoinDesk, a digital token was placed in a gallery hosted on the official Amazon website. However, the link mentioned in the email does not seem functional yet.

The email talked about the possibility of resale opportunities, stating that the NFT would only be eligible for resale “after it’s unlocked.” Additionally, it was shared that they would have to “register as a reseller” prior to listing the NFT. Unfortunately, the link provided for the resale page seemed to be broken as well.

NFT marketplace scheduled for April 24

Earlier this month, a report providing more information on the launch of the NFT platform was released.

The report stated that the feature is expected to go live on April 24 and will be accessible on the website through a tab labeled “Amazon Digital Marketplace.” Although the email and transaction confirmation were received simultaneously, it is unclear how NFTs are linked to this subscription renewal.

The email provides fresh information regarding Amazon’s plans to expand into Web3 and gives clues as to where these new tools might exist on the platform. In January, Amazon Web Services, Amazon’s cloud-computing platform, announced its partnership with Ava Labs to broaden its enterprise blockchain offerings.

Will Amazon’s plans deeply impact the crypto market?

Crypto enthusiasts are thrilled about the news of Amazon’s NFT plans and eagerly anticipate how the company will enter this new market. However, some are apprehensive about the possibility of scams and fraud in the NFT space and urge Amazon to ensure that its marketplace is secure and transparent.

Although Amazon has not released an official statement about its NFT plans, it is evident that the company is making progress toward launching the platform, and more details are expected to be revealed shortly, as indicated by the email.

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