Funko and Warner Bros Unveil a Festive “Elf” Digital Pop! Series

Funko and Warner Bros Unveil a Festive “Elf” Digital Pop! Series

A phygital Funko pop series called “Elf” is being released by the collectible toy company Funko. The release is made in association with Warner Bros to celebrate Christmas. Influential figures from the 2003 holiday blockbuster Elf will be featured in the collection, which will debut on December 13.

The Newest Digital Pop! Series from Warner Bros and Funko

Digital Pop! The Series, a new NFT collection between Warner Bros and Funko, will be available on Droppp, the top NFT platform, on December 13, at 11 AM PST. There will be two Digital Pop! Packs from which fans can select. The collections will also come in two different pricing ranges: a basic package of 5 NFTs costs $9.99, while a premium pack of 15 NFTs costs $29.99. 

A limited number of physical, limited-edition Funko items will also be included in the drop, which will only be redeemable by some lucky holders. Remember that neither the physical nor the digital drops will be re-released, thus ensuring the assets maintain their uniqueness. Also included in the drop are NFTs of Buddy the Elf eating spaghetti, Ming Ming, Jovie, Leon the snowman, Buddy with a puffin on an iceberg, and Freddy Funko as Buddy.

Lucky Holders to Get Redeemable Physical Funko Collectibles

The limited-edition tangible Funko item that can be redeemed is also available to lucky holders. Users must create a Droppp account to get this joyful Elf Digital Pop!, after which you can pay with a credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. On their Droppp account, owners may also monitor and control their purchases. Users can also quickly download the TokenHead app from Google Play or the iOS App Store to view their Digital Pop!

Funko, on the other hand, never lets fans down by coordinating its spectacular drops with seasonal aesthetics. While Funko’s most recent release is about the holidays, its Digital Pop! line recently welcomed winter with Game of Thrones NFTs.

Funko’s Holiday Multi-Pack Sets Honor “Elf,” “Home Alone,” and “Christmas Vacation.”

Officially, one of the best seasons of the year is here, and movie buffs can now cuddle next to a fire and enjoy their favorite Christmas favorites. Although there have been other fantastic Christmas movies over the years, only a select few have had the same long-lasting cultural influence as Elf, Home Alone, and Christmas Vacation.

For each of the three movies, Funko pop is now introducing a new Walmart Exclusive Movie Moment Pop figurine, bringing fans unending holiday cheer. However, only the “Elf” collection will be available in the digital and tokenized format. 

Funko is now one of the many toy manufacturers exploring the NFT industry. Some of them include Barbie dolls, Mattel, Hasbro, and Toymint. Warner Bros are also joining other movie studios and companies like Disney, Marvel, and Paramount to leverage NFTs. Such developments signify how fast the NFT industry is gaining adoption as its users anticipate its mainstreaming.

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