ftNFT’s phygital revolution: New NFT store opens in Abu Dhabi

ftNFT’s phygital revolution: New NFT store opens in Abu Dhabi

ftNFT, the world’s first NFT phygital shop, has expanded its footprint by opening a new franchise within Ether Store in Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi. This innovative shop, which seamlessly merges the digital and physical realms, has quickly gained recognition for its unique approach to displaying and selling NFTs.

ftNFT’s success and expansion

Located at the entrance of Ether Store, ftNFT’s latest branch boasts 11 screens that exhibit various NFT collections, giving customers a chance to view a wide range of digital art and collectibles.

The store’s design mimics the way brands present themselves on social media, allowing for a seamless integration of virtual and physical experiences. Customers can easily purchase NFTs using a selling terminal, which accepts bank card payments with a single tap.

The opening of the Yas Mall franchise comes on the heels of ftNFT’s impressive achievements. Within just two months of launching its first branch at the Mall of the Emirates in December 2022, the company won the Best Phygital Implementation award. Its rapid success and expansion demonstrate ftNFT’s strong appeal to consumers who are increasingly interested in the growing NFT market.

ftNFT marks a significant milestone for the NFT community

The store, known as ftNFT or simply ft, was established by technology company SoftConstruct and functioned within the Fastex ecosystem. Designed to resemble a contemporary clothing brand outlet, it displayed art pieces on its walls, and customers were able to sit and use mini-computers or tablets to explore NFT collections and create digital avatars.

This store’s launch marked a significant milestone for artists and crypto enthusiasts alike. As the world’s first physical NFT store, it experienced success in its initial weeks of operation. SoftConstruct, the store’s founders, even planned to establish a second physical NFT store in the Dubai Mall.

On the store’s opening day, visitors were granted access to a special event showcasing NFT artists and vendors from across the globe. This event enabled creators to share their work and inspirations. Amrita Sethi, the UAE’s first NFT artist, also paid a visit to the store on its opening day.

Operating under the Fastex ecosystem, the ft store was part of a range of products such as Fastex Exchange, FastexVerse, Fastex Pay, Fastex Chain, FastToken, and FirstTicket. This diverse product selection allowed the store to accommodate the needs of various customers.

Celebrity endorsements and upcoming events

To further solidify its presence, ftNFT will inaugurate its Dubai Mall branch on March 16th, with several celebrities and influencers in attendance. Among the notable guests are magician Luca Gallone and artist Tigran Tsitoghdzyan. These high-profile endorsements are expected to generate buzz and attract even more customers to the innovative NFT shopping experience offered by ftNFT.

ftNFT is revolutionizing the way consumers interact with and purchase digital collectibles. With its unique store design, convenient payment options, and expanding presence in the UAE, ftNFT is poised to become a dominant player in the rapidly growing NFT market. Its success, marked by prestigious awards and celebrity endorsements, speaks to the increasing demand for innovative solutions that bridge the gap between the digital and physical realms.

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