From Metallica’s Video Director to a Pioneer of NFT Artistry: Kim Asendorf’s new mesmerizing NFT collection

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From Metallica’s Video Director to a Pioneer of NFT Artistry: Kim Asendorf’s new mesmerizing NFT collection

Kim Asendorf, the creative genius behind Metallica’s “Chasing Light” music video and a pioneer in digital expressionism, is stepping into the limelight with his latest Non-Fungible Token (NFT) creation. This multi-talented artist, deeply rooted in internet culture, has released a mesmerizing series, “Colors of Noise”, which seeks to immerse viewers in a symphony of sound and color.

Colors of Noise: A confluence of sound and sight

Curated by Peggy Schoenegge for the Feral File platform, “Colors of Noise” encompasses 50 unique Ethereum-based NFT art pieces. These captivating works of digital craftsmanship, available for purchase on May 18th for 0.25 ETH each, mark a watershed moment in Asendorf’s career, as he integrates visual and audio art in a profound artistic symbiosis.

In his exploration of the interplay between sight and sound, Asendorf employs the Web Audio API to generate white noise, which he then dissects through a unique filtering process. The resulting waveforms serve as triggers for a series of animations, sparking a riot of pixelated colors that react in real-time to the underlying audio. 

This fusion of sound and vision encapsulates the artist’s sensory perception of these noises, providing viewers with an immersive, hypnotic experience.

Artistic Investigation into auditory perception

Drawing upon the principles of audio engineering and his own innovative approach, Asendorf has woven an intricate tapestry of colored noises, ranging from the familiar white, pink, and brown noises to his own creation, yellow noise. His intention is to provoke a range of reactions from viewers as they explore his avant-garde collection. 

Through this artistic venture, Asendorf embarks on an investigation into the way we perceive and respond to everyday sounds, and how these auditory experiences can be translated into captivating digital art.

A bridge between Art and Technology

Asendorf’s work shatters the boundaries between art and technology, marrying his love for digital and analog synthesizers with his innate ability to create groundbreaking digital art. His intimate relationship with technology, rooted in a childhood immersed in computers and gaming consoles, has shaped his approach to art, enabling him to integrate technological tools into his creative process seamlessly.

Asendorf’s future endeavors will further explore the nexus of sound and visual art, leveraging tools like browser MIDI controllers to pioneer new forms of audio-visual and audio-reactive art.

Art takes center stage in the future of Web3

Asendorf views his work as an outlet, a means of expressing his creativity in a digital landscape. His journey, spanning nearly two decades, has seen him master the art of creating extraordinary digital expressions within a “low-tech environment” using just a computer, a code editor, and the internet.

As Web3 gains momentum, Asendorf is excited about the new dynamic in play, relishing the opportunity to connect directly with collectors and to know that his work has a tangible impact on people’s lives. With artists like Asendorf at the helm, the world of digital art is on the cusp of an extraordinary revolution.

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