Friendsies NFT founders: ‘pause’ announcement is transparency, not abandonment

Friendsies NFT founders: ‘pause’ announcement is transparency, not abandonment

Friendsies founders have dismissed accusations of “a rug pull” after announcing an immediate halt on matters involving the project and all digital goods belonging to the company.

Friendsies are pausing social engagement until further notice

The Friendsies project team has sent a message of reassurance to its community through its Twitter page, defending their sudden “pause.” The message comes after the team received mass accusations of “a hard rug pull scam.”

They emphasized that they only meant putting social engagements on hold until further notice. However, they intended to continue building and seeking opportunities for the ecosystem’s growth.

Additionally, the founders explained that their third-party partners have since abandoned web3. Thus, they have made it difficult to develop the various projects within the Friendsies space.

Intense attacks and harassment prompted the drastic measures

Following yesterday’s controversial “pause” tweet, the Friendsies founders deleted their Twitter page and privatized their personal accounts. The team cited sudden, intense, and overwhelming attacks and harassment on them as reasons for taking those drastic measures.

They have also apologized, given the bad image portrayed by the controversial deletions. However, the NFT community is not buying the reassurance message.

Many NFT enthusiasts have taken to Twitter to protest the shallowness and irrelevance of the apology. One NFT Twitter stan going by the username @Duemaceutical has expressed doubt on the newest tweet. The enthusiast explains that the reassurance from Friendsies founders did not point out that they were “building on the background,” and therefore, no one believes it.

Another tweep by the username @0xQuit has expressed that people should take note of the social media influencers who supported this Friendsies scam. The tweep has described it as “the most obvious cash grab of all time.”

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