The funny side of fintech: ‘FORTUN3’ animated series to spoof FTX fiasco

The funny side of fintech: ‘FORTUN3’ animated series to spoof FTX fiasco

The demise of cryptocurrency exchange FTX is about to get the Hollywood treatment. Debuting this fall is “FORTUN3,” an animated comedy series centered around the collapse of this flawed crypto platform, introducing a character inspired by FTX’s former CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried.

Riding the blockchain rollercoaster

Crafted by the innovative Web3 studio Toonstar, “FORTUN3” promises a fun and biting portrayal of the ‘crypto-bro’ culture where FTX thrived. Announced at Comic-Con, the series is not just about giggles but serves as a pseudo-origin story for Bankman-Fried and FTX. 

The funny side of fintech: 'FORTUN3' animated series to spoof FTX fiasco - 1

Apart from the FTX parody, viewers can anticipate winks and nudges to other notorious business missteps, like WeWork and Theranos, brought about by overzealous tech optimism. T.J. Miller, known for his roles in “Silicon Valley,” or “Deadpool,” is set to lend his voice to the Bankman-Fried caricature.

Playing in a virtual Universe, reimagining real-life drama

Drawing on real-life figures and events, “FORTUN3” aims to turn headline-making news into engaging entertainment. The series also represents a significant part of Toonstar’s interactive lineup, making the most of Web3 technology to let fans have a say in the creative process, a distinctive feature that sets the studio apart.

“FORTUN3” isn’t just about watching; fans can become part of the show. By using an online game set within the “FORTUN3” universe, fans can deepen their series involvement. Accessible via NFT, the game promises a dynamic experience, with events in the series having a direct impact on gameplay.

The series is backed by a strong cast, including Jon Heder of “Napoleon Dynamite” fame and actress/model Amber Rose. Heder, who also co-founded Verified Labs, is no stranger to collaborating with Toonstar on Web3 projects, having previously worked together on the much-praised “Space Junk.

A big bet on blockchain-based entertainment

Building on its previous experiences, Toonstar sees the potential of AI in augmenting fan interaction. With its introduction at Comic-Con and an array of well-known actors, “FORTUN3” could be Toonstar’s breakthrough into mainstream entertainment. In a twist of fate, the series may find its fortune in the realm of Web3 entertainment.

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