Fortnite’s Twitter Hacked to promote Cryptocurrency

Fortnite’s Twitter Hacked to promote Cryptocurrency

In an unexpected sequence of events, Fortnite’s official Twitter account was hacked yesterday. Following the breach, a promotional post for a cryptocurrency named $FNITE TOKEN appeared on FNCompetitive’s Twitter feed.

Who was behind the attack?

It remains unknown who was behind the cyberattack. The unexpected promotional post led to several users investing in the presale. Based on past instances, it seems unlikely that refunds will be issued.

Epic Games was able to regain control of the Fortnite Twitter account within hours, but by that point, the tweet had already reached potentially millions of its 1.9 million followers. The company quickly responded to the incident:

“We removed a tweet falsely promoting an ETH account from FNCompetitive. Fortnite is not involved in the sale of any cryptocurrencies and posting access is currently disabled on the account while we investigate.”

This is not the first time Fortnite has been mistakenly associated with cryptocurrencies. However, it is the first time the official Fortnite account was breached. The investigation into the incident continues, and the future security of the compromised account is a critical concern for Epic Games.

Fortnite community demands old feature be brought back

Surprisingly, the Fortnite community has expressed a willingness to disregard the incident. The price for their forgiveness? The return of the Shotgun Striker “Siphon” Reality Augment to the game. Although not the best Reality Augment on the market, this popular feature was appreciated for its practical use.

The “Siphon” Reality Augment allowed players to regain hit points or shield points every time they inflicted damage on an opponent with a shotgun. If deployed strategically, this feature could enable a player to overcome an entire team without pausing to regenerate hit or shield points.

Despite this troubling security breach, Fortnite’s vibrant community seems enthusiastic and engaged. While Fortnite will most probably remain unaffected by blockchain technologies, Epic Games will surely continue to explore web3 gaming and add these types of titles to its expansive library of games.

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