Fortnite’s new island map features characters based on Web3 Okay Bears

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Fortnite’s new island map features characters based on Web3 Okay Bears

Okay Bears, known for its vibrant presence in the web3 culture, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Fortnite. A community vote is taking place to select which Okay Bears NFTs will be chosen to populate Fortnite’s new island map.

Fortnite’s new Wagbo Island

Dubbed “Wagbo Island”, this new Fortnite game map is not just a visual spectacle; it’s a unique opportunity for fans. Players can now have their bear characters, originally from the Okay Bears NFT collection, featured as non-playable characters (NPCs).

To make the new map happen, the team organized a contest on social media. Participants are asked to drop a picture of their @Okaybears and explain why their bear is special. From these submissions, 15 bears will be selected, transformed into 3D models, and integrated into the Fortnite world.

The announcement ended with an invitation to the community:

“Join us in adding a touch of bear-magic to our Fortnite world!”

Okay Bears

Okay Bears, the source of the community, is a collection built on the Solana blockchain. It comprises 10,000 algorithmically-generated bears, each with a distinct background color, outfit, and expression. The rarity of certain traits adds to the allure and uniqueness of each bear. The collection’s debut generated sales close to $18 million on the first day, making the bears coveted digital possessions.

Fortnite's new island map features characters based on Web3 Okay Bears - 1
Okay Bear #884 (Source: Magic Eden)

Listed on OpenSea and Magic Eden, Okay Bears was created by talented designer KAIS and the skilled engineer SUBY. Complementing them is a diverse team, partially known to the public, comprising professionals from varied backgrounds, including illustrators renowned for their work in children’s literature, adept full-stack developers, digital artists who have contributed to popular games like Clash Royale, and designers who have worked with prominent entities such as Unicef and Ford.

Web3 culture on display for gamers

This collaboration is a notable instance of blending digital art with gaming. It’s a step forward in how NFTs can be utilized, offering more than just digital ownership but also a role in shaping gaming experiences.

For Okay Bears collectors, this is a thrilling opportunity to see their digital assets come to life in a dynamic and popular gaming environment. Fortnite has over 450 million players, so the spotlight will be on the bears as we await which NPCs are chosen for the upcoming map expansion.

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